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Training/School For Police Work

I’m thinking about being a police when I grow up. What kind of training, university subjects should I take? Any advice? Thanks.

Simply go to your local college and go into the Criminal Justice Dept and sign up. Assuming you dont have any felonies on your record you will have no problem.

My advise to any new person wanting to become a police officer #1 Discuss it with your spouse if you have one. Police work will keep you away a lot. #2 Discuss it with your friends, most of them will jump ship on you. #3 Most important, take every report writing class you can find. You dont have to be a great speller but you have to be able to write a great report. I have seen officers get dumped for their reports. So while you are in FTO make sure you have your reports checked by others and have them give you advise. You will know who to ask and who not to right away. Every dept. has at least one personwho seems that they are out to get everyone. But other thatn that, GOOD LUCK!!

I’m still 17 now and considering what I should do for uni but I’m interested in being a police officer when I grow up so I’m trying to plan something out now and see if it’ll work out.

Go to a police station and ask a cop. They will tell you what it is like in your local area.

Can be rewarding work, but can also be hard, dangerous, tedious, etc…

As far as training if you are reasonable fit most of the physical tests you will have to pass are relativly easy.

However I would look into martial arts or other types of training that work on grappling/self defense. Allthough disciplened training won’t prepare you 100% for a maniacal crack head it will definatly give you a much better chance.

you should start practicing killing people and planting guns on them right away. Then practice saying “bookem Danno” and “You gonna eat that donut”

Go to a community college, and ge a degree from there. get one in criminal justice, police science, criminology, sociology or psychology. if you liked the classes for the two year degree, then get a bachelors in Criminal Justice. if not, then at least you ahve a transfer degree more or less.

I have been a reserve cop in my hometown, and right now I work for a state department. I cant become a licensed officer till I am 21, but I am doing law enforcement work.

Get a job at the jail, or in dispatching. in kansas, you cant become a licensed officer till you are 21, but you can be a dispatcher or a corrections officer at 18. see how you feel after a two year degree and a few years working in the field, even though you wont be an officer.

Being a cop is considered the second most sexy occupation for a man to have, behind a firefighter, and they have the highest rates of infidelity of any occupation.

As long as you are in fairly decent shape, dont worry too much about specific training for law work. The way that things are going now, most cops have a taser, and a baton. I would rather have an old fashioned nightstick and some mace, but either way, you probably wont be in a knockdown drag out fistfight, more then likely you will be putting the violater down with a taser, but only if you absolutely have to. if you do choose one thing to train, QUADS! you will probably kick in at least 1 door a year if you are a city cop. make them quads big and strong so that you dont have to spend three minutes trying to gain entry.

Always always always ALWAYS wear your vest. some departments make it a regulation, some dont, but ALWAYS wear your vest. they may be hot, they may be cumbersome, and they are uncomfortable, but a wheelchair is very cumbersome, very uncomfortable, and isn’t very good for picking up women. A casket and a headstone are even more comfortable, and it is a sad day when an officer leaves a widow and chitlins.

Get good at shooting a pistol. only 1 in 3 cops will shoot someone in the line of duty, but most states require a 70% accuracy rating to pass police academy. it doesn’t hurt to be handy with a pistol incase you are 1 in 3.

Try to get in on ride alongs or reserves if you can.

You should also go out and buy a big supply of every drug available to start tasting and developing a tolerance to.

You need to be able to stick your finger in a bag of powder and distinguish the drug by taste with out suffering any effects of consuming said drug.

Most deptmartments want a degree now or 4 years military. I was in the Marine Corps for 4 years and did some college. I got hired by my city PD in about 4 months. They like Marines here. I would get a good useful degree outside of law enforcement like buisness or a science degree. Alot of officers get hurt in the line of duty and have to retire early.

Criminal Justice degrees don’t go very far. Good luck in your quest it’s not easy to get a job in Law Enforcement. Stay out of trouble for now on because your past will come beck to haunt you in the background investigations. TRUST ME!

Checking with the locals to see what the standards are is a good start. So is the CJ degree. The warning about avoiding felonies was a good one too.

Don’t forget since you are young, avoid some of the foolishness that occasionally comes with youth. My friend wanted to be a LEO his entire life, then one night with a slingshot ruined his career. Two misdemeanors from a few broken windows. He got the job as a deputy, went through BLET, graduated, then got a “cease and desist” order from the state telling him that because of his 2 misdemeanors he could no longer serve as an officer anywhere.

The sheriff didn’t have a problem with him, and gave him a gun but told him if he caught him with a slingshot he was going to kick his ass. The bureaucrats at the state level didn’t agree…career over.

Keep your nose clean, be fit, be smart, go to school and you should be able to get into a program.

[quote]tveddy wrote:
you should start practicing killing people and planting guns on them right away. Then practice saying “bookem Danno” and “You gonna eat that donut”[/quote]

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The physical fitness tests as of 2 years ago in the State of Ohio is no longer easy. You have to start running 4 to 5 days a week along w/ the normal military exercises, for a grade to pass.