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Training Scheldule

Hey guys, Just wondering what your traning schledules are, I am having problems making one, i want to work out 6 days a week, and I want to know what days to take off and when to take them off, if anyone can give me some advice to a what days they lift and they don’t it would be helpful, thanks MDOG

For a list of common training splits, see the Dawg School columns at T-mag. Just do a search on “splits” at T-mag (not here on the forum) and it should come up. Also, it may help if you list your goals, age, how long you’ve been training etc

I am doing Meltdown II right now and my week looks like this.

MONDAY: Meltdown II

TUESDAY: Clap Push Ups AM / 30 min bike @85% HR PM


THURSDAY: Clap Push Ups AM / 30 min bike @ 85% HR PM

FRIDAY: Meltdown II

SATURDAY: AM 20 Min HIIT Hill Sprints