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Training Schedule on 500mg Test

I was just wondering what would be the effects on an average training schedule on a 30 year old intermediate on a low dose of Test (500-600 mg/week). I have used a 5 day split for the last few years with variations, and now I want to try a 2x a week program.

I just started using a push/pull/legs. I have seen small increases in bodyweight and strength with all major lifts. Is this typical with this dose? What about volume? Would I want the total volume to be higher as well? Of course I plan on trying to eat an extra 1000 calories a day and I’m sleeping an extra hour as well. But my main question is there a kind of ‘rule of thumb’ when it comes to increasing frequency/volume with extra Test??

You are definitly going to want to increase the volume. AAS allow you to recover much faster and they limit oertraining. How much you would like the increase the volume is up to you though. Personally i just add in another exercise per bodypart and thats all i need!