Training Schedule Myth?

“Never train with weights more than 2 days in a row”

I’ve run across this statement several times lately, and was wondering if this is pretty much established. My current split is set up as Mon/Tues, and Thurs/Fri with weights, however, I would like to do abs 3 days a week and the only possibility is throwing them in on wed. Would weighted ab work on Wed. negativeily affect recovery or the CNS?

It really depends on your split. If you train upper one day and lower the next, then yeah, take a day off on the third day. Or if you train full body, you’ll need a day off the next day - usually. There are so many options out there and much depends on intensity, sets, reps, splits, etc.

But usually you can train abs more frequently. But remember they get hit with other compound execises too, like pull ups. Finally, great abs = fat loss through diet more than anything.

It’s more of a mis-applied general rule of thumb than a myth. As the other replier said, it depends on intensity, volume, nutritional status, sleep status, etc. You could theoretically train every muscle every day - not every day could be a heavy day, though. Some muscles like the abs, forearms, and calves that tend to be more slow twitch (debatable on the abs where you put it on the spectrum, it does average to 54% fast twitch depending on which study you look at) do respond better to more frequent intense training than others.