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Training Schedule Critique

How’s it going everyone? I’m on my 3rd cycle of 531. Used to be big and strong, joined the military, big and strong went away, so I’m trying to get it back. Hoping someone can check this out and tell me if there’s anything obviously wrong.

I’m 205#, 5’10", like 12% bf, good diet.

335 squat
405 deadlift
255 bench
175 overhead press
All of those are my TM for 531 and I use 90% of those for my 531 sets. I don’t much care about 1rms anymore, athletic balance is the goal.

med ball slams
press 531
weighted chins
incline bench 3x10
arm/upper back superset
4x400m sprints

deadlift 531
good morning 3x10
abs/lats circuit
ab work

hill sprints

med ball slam
bench 531
ohp/DB row superset 3x10
dips/shrugs superset 3 sets near max
farmers walk

clean 3x3 (med weight)
squat 531
lunges/pullups superset
HIIT (burpees, battle ropes, tires, etc.)

I’m noticing the weights are feeling heavier, but I think that may be due to the fact I just added the conditioning work in this (my 3rd) cycle, of which I’m in week 2. Not sure, so thought I’d get some advice before I fuck it all up.

On my 5/3/1 PR sets, I usually can get 10/7/4, though I cut the sets at 7/5/3 regardless. Recently though, getting my 7/5/3 is more challenging than I feel it should be. I would assume this is all part of the 5 steps forward, 3 steps back idea. So by the time I hit 5 cycles, I’ll have to go back to my 2nd cycles numbers.

Thanks for any help you guys have.

I’m not qualified to critique your program or anyone for that matter,but i can tell you whats been working for me. First off it looks like you know already that adding in heavy conditioning isn’t working. I’ve made same mistake and i just ended up stalling quicker. I just go in 6 week cycles focusing on whatever i think i need which right now is strength and size. So i go one cycle rest pause then next cycle 5s progression with fsl. Works awesome and getting close to bodyweight ohp (pet exercise). Assistance work is basic bodyweight stuff from the three categories and conditioning is 15 to 20 min of skipping after main work and assistance. I workout with my 15 year old son so we go 1 min on 1 min off on the jump rope work just alternating back and fourth. Simple but effective

I’d probably change your “HIIT” to something that means something - understand that the experts who are telling you to do HIIT have no idea what they are talking about. Just going in the weight room or track and doing something random to get the lungs burning is kind of stupid.

Have purpose in your goals and training!