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Training Schedule Advice Needed

i’m brand new to this site.
apologize me in advance for my mistakes but i’m italian and my english is so and so…
well, i want to start training again, i left for 2 months after 4 straight months training but this time i want to schedule my training and i need your advice for that.
my goals are:

increase mass on arms and shoulders
rip off some bodyfat
mantain or little increase in chest and back

i will train 3 days a week and run the other 2 or 3 days for medium to long distances (i plan to run an half marathon in a few months) so i’ll do aerobics on the off days also.

i was thinking of scheduling a strenght training first to go then on a mass building routine and a ripping period.

actually i’m overweight and i need to loose 15 pounds to get in my best weight (actually around 180 pounds and 165 would be my goal on the long term, let’s say in 8 months).

where you suggest me to go read to find an appropriate schedule for my goals?
i need to learn the basics of periodization while i have good technique about excercises.

thank you all for reading


My best advice would be to find the Newbie thread that Vroom wrote. It has links that will lead you too all you need to know for several months if not a lifetime =*)!!!Search for it and you will find it.

Reading will allow you to understand why you are doing a certain type of workout, which is much better than just doing one because someone tells you to. You will also learn alot about nutrition for your goals. Good luck and let me know if you need anything else!

Welcome to T-Mag!

These are my suggestions:

Periodization That Works

You might find the max strength phase a bit excessive. As a beginner, you might as well drop the speed work (PM sessions) for now. Or, you can try catching Staley on Prime Time and ask him.

Renaissance Body Development

It gives a good overview of what kind of work needs to be done for improving different aspects of fitness. You don’t have to follow the program exactly if it’s too much for you.

And, I don’t wish to discourage you, but running half a marathon isn’t exactly compatibile with goals of gaining mass and losing fat. Maybe in a bigger time frame…

One question, though. Why do you want to run half marathon anyway? Is it a specfic goal (for instace, you always wanted to do it) or do you think it really correlates well to health and athleticism?