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Training Same Muscle Groups Every Day?


question is it ok if i lift the same muscle groups every day normally natural i wouldnt even ask but i just feel like after i work til failure the next day im good to go and wanna work til failure again i dont but i feel like i should just be doing more. im 8 weeks into my cycle 600mg per week. i just took my 8th week injection today.

i just feel like i need to work every day full body. cant get enough of it. so is it fine to work same muscle groups daily? ill change the sets. but whats the chance of over training on roids? sorry feel dumb asking but i would hate to over train mess up my joints or something. let me know thanks.


Zero chance of ever over training while on steroids. So why are you only doing one full body workout every day? You should really try to get at least two full body workouts per day in, at least. You must be a some kind of pussy.


I lol'd.

"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should"


lmao na i work full time. shit i wish i had the time for 2 full body work outs. lmao cool got 4 more weeks ill hit it as hard as possible. thanks for the typical ass reply beerbarbq! lmao id love to see half the peeps on this forum in real life see if yall such bad asses. lmao. youd be surprized how pussy a 260 lb man is lol


well lifting the same muscle group daily doesn't necessarily allow that muscle time to grow. the lifting is what breaks it down, so if your'e continuously breaking the muscle down without time to grow, then you're not going to make progress.

I know where you're coming from - sometimes I feel like the muscles are good to go again. But if you translate that energy into giving each workout full steam with heavy and intense work, you CNS at least will be taxed and need a break.


Jeez, you sound scary. Any guy that laughs his ass off 4 times in a matter of minutes must be a complete nutcase.


awe, how cute.


@trtblastcruise ya thats exactly what i figured is you still need that time to rest so ive kept up with the same system ive been doing i just added weight and a few more reps to suffice. and im making major progress. loving it. just wanna make the most out of it. thanks for your response.


No problem. What works off will work on, but you can certainly handle a little more volume, just don't go crazy - use the same general system that you've had results with before. The increase in weight that you're lifting will be very taxing.