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What could you expect as a salary if you the trainer of a D1 college? When i wrestled there was a trainer who trained all the teams. He would rotate them in every hour + 1/2. Any guesses on what those guys make? How about professional athlete trainers? Maybe i would like to switch my studies in school if these jobs could support me =)

bobopunxs: a lot of Strength Coaches/ Personal Trainer don’t make a lot of money they do it because they love their jobs and they like helping people achieve thier goals. So of us do make a decent living I personally do corporate fitness make around 30,000-40,000 sometimes a little more w/ private training. But in all honsetly I love my job and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Its not about the money bobopunxs it about how happy you’ll will feel at the end of the day. Money isn’t everything as long as you have a roof over your head and live within your means you’ll be okay.

Even a strength coach for a professional team is limited they may have a job one day and if the head coach gets fired that strength coach goes with him.

So whats the point in my babbling:
My point is to find something that you love to do wheather, it is a Strength Coach or a cook make sure you love what you do. Remember your spending at least 8 hours of your day doing it.

Sorry for the long post.

yea, i love sports/lifting/and learning about our species and how we work. 40k isnt much around here tho esp. where i live, no offense. (i live in NY close to the city.) but ty for the lesson =)

There is virtually no money at the D1 college level, unless you are working with a well-established college that has a huge income due to their particular team. For instance, here at the University of Arizona, Lute Olson (head basketball coach) is the second highest paid person at the college - second only to the president of the university. This is due to the fact that we usually have a kick ass team and the basketball team draws a HUGE revenue from ticket sales, apparel, etc. Therefore, more money can be made as a trainer for our team, compared to another D1 team that rarely makes it to the finals. Even then, it still isn’t so great.
The real money is at the professional level. I have a colleague who trains a professional basketball player (we’ll call him “MJ” for short). This player pays my friend ~$35,000/month - just to train him! Keep in mind he has many other professional basketball players he also trains. I was quite amused when I started my career in Chicago. One of the players he trained was Scottie Pippen. Scottie would pull up to the gym in his $100,000+ Mercedes, and my friend would pull up in the same car next to him. Strange, but true.