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Training Routines

You guys have your stacks down, but what kind of training do you use while on? Is there a pre and post plan?

Kinda a vauge question. Not everyone here has the same goals ie. some bb’s some pl’s. As far as the post cycle training recommendations, I think most will agree to cut back on volume somewhat while trying to work with close to our workng weight while on.

I’ll admit, I don’t even put half the time into my training program that I put into aas knowledge, but only because training is more cookie cutter. I keep it simple: increase intensity while on, take a week off during post, and maintain afterwards.

Are you asking specifically what program we use?

Thanks for the replies. Is there any specific training program or strategy you follow when on. As an example, the MAG 10 plan for success program is a double split type routine. I would think you would implement something similar during the cycle.

You mean you have to train in conjunction with AAS to get results? Where does it say that???