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Training Routine

I apologize for the repeat, but I can’t seem to find my thread from last week. I have experimented with the gym over the years…nothing very serious. I’m 41 and want to put on some muscle. Suggestions for a routine? Also, are supplements a must?
This is my second week in the gym and I’m LOVING the rush…and the pump. Would appreicate your help/suggestions!

Take a look over at the FAQ. (Go to "Current Issue -> FAQ). I’m sure you’ll find a program that sounds good to you.


Art, type Training Routine in the subject search, click on subject, you will find our answers.

DO read the FAQ. Start there. Do some research, and come back to the forum enlightened.

Oh, and your question about supplements? Read "The Heirarchy of Needs" by Chris Shugart. And The Essential Berardi. NOW, you'll be enlightened.

I’m having trouble finding the Hierarchy of Needs article by Chris Shugart…any help is appreciated!

Here it is: http://www.testosterone.net/ articles/201dawg.html (remember to remove the space from the url - I put it by / articles).

Thanks a bunch for your help. I’ve read the articles and convinced that diet is the foundation. I’ve posted a questions regarding the diet I’m looking at…let me know your thoughts if you have any.
Thanks again.