Training Routine

I’m 41 and wanting to get serious about putting on some muscles. I’m in decent shape, a sporadic runner, and toyed with the gym over the past 15 years. Is it too late to do more than just tone up? I also need a suggested workout routine. I’ve joined the gym and am ready to go…any help appreciated.

Here you go.


No, it is not to late. Read the FAQ to get started. It provides links to many programs. I might suggest doing a search for the Dawg School columns or giving Ian Kings Limping and 12 weeks to Super Strength series a shot.

well youve come to the right place. first off, go to the FAQ’s (current and previous issues). also, if you want a good workout, check out last weeks “little black book of training methods”, and do a search for EDT phase I and II. as for diets, just type “diet” in the search link and plenty will come up. you’ll have plenty of reading to do, but it will be worth it

I just turned 40 and am still making good gains. So it’s not too late.

I have to disagree with the recommendation to try EDT training, though. For someone just getting into serious lifting, especially a slightly older someone, it’s a pretty intense program. I would resommend something like Phase I of the Growth Surge project or one of the Dawg School programs for the first few months, at least until your body gets used to regular serious lifting. Then you can up the intensity.

Also, if you’ve got the cash, AP, Surge and Tribex should ALL be number one of your supplement list…

Good luck!

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see a newbie to the forum who is polite and humble. With that in mind, I second all of the above articles. Basically, I recommend anything you can find written by Berardi, King, and Poliquin in the archives of this site. Remember that the fork will always be your best weapon in putting on size. Don’t tell yourself that age is an excuse; many people can continue to make great gains well into midlife. And, you aren’t that old, so why not give it a shot! You came to the right place; do your homework by reading up (and using the search engine), and we’ll be glad to help out with any questions that you have. Good luck!

Jeezus, dude, you’re only 41. This isn’t the middle ages when 41 is already well past the average mortality rate, you still in all probability aren’t even half done with the game, yet. Here’s an example that might be inspirational…my dad, when he was in his 30’s, benched around 240 for around 7 reps average. Mind you, he’s 6’7", very lean and lanky, and that 240 is a lot more weight than 240 for some 5’7" guy. He got an injury or two, and got out of the weight training lifestyle for a couple decades. When he was 62, he saw how much fun I was having training, so he started up again, doing benches, bodyweight squats, and chins…his bench at 62 was around 140 to start…and now, at 65, he just got up to 235 for 5 reps bench, and 10 chins with a 50 pound weight harness. And this is with a mediocre diet (excellent for general health but by no means a ‘bodybuilder’ diet), and no real supplimentation to speak of, other than fish & flax oil, and ZMA which he just started using this year.

You’re 41, as long as you’re in reasonable shape to start with there’s no reason you can’t make incredible gains, maybe even be in the best shape of your life. God I sound like a bowflex commercial…

I am still gaining and I can apply for AARP too soon. Better yet check out Frank Zane’s Website. He has pictures of himself at 50 and he is planning to weight a very lean 195 for his big 60. Best of Luck.

Hiya Art! I second what Eric said: nice of you for being so polite! And yes, read the FAQ, as well as the Dawg School articles. I would especially read the Heirarchy of Needs by Chris Shugart. And you ain’t so old - and it’s never too late.

Oh, and "tone" is a FOUR letter word here. Good luck and keep us updated!

Chronological age is irrelevant to bodybuilding because biological aging is controlled by hormones, not time.

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I was right were you are 2 years ago (now 42). Thanx to this web site and forum I've gained 15 LBM. Through EATING, hitting the gym HARD and REST. Also try Tribex. Remember in high school when you had to grab a binder to get up and leave class ?? it's kinda like that ;o) GOOD LUCK !!