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Training Routine while on Test

Is this any good?

Progression on compounds - 2.5kg per session.

Progression on accessory/smith machine - max out reps on last set, if I achieve 10 reps more (example 8 reps and I hit 18) then increase the weight by 2.5kg

Mon - UA
Tue - LA
Wed - UB
Thur - LB
Fri - UA
Sat - LB
Sun - Accessory work if I feel like it


Bench 5x5
Chest squeeze smith machine 5x8
Lat Pulldowns 5x8 (wide grip)
Smith seated Row machine 5x8
Curl machine 5x10
Reverse Flies 5x12
Dumbell curls 5x10
Chinups 5x10
Weighted situps 5x15

Lower A

Squats 3x5
Leg Press 5x10
Leg Curls 5x10
Cable crunches 5x15
Hamstring curls 5x8

Upper B

Standing OHP 5x5
Chest upright cable 5x10
Widegrip Pullups 5x8
T bar Rows 5x8
Face Pulls 5x12
Tri prsdwns cable 5x10
Cable crunches 5x10
Skull crushers 5x10
Dumbbell rows 5x10
Dumbbell kickbacks 5x10

Lower B

Front Squat 3x5
Romanian Deadlift 5x5
Leg Extensions 5x5
Leg Curls 5x8
Ab work 5x15
Calf Raises 5x12

Accessory day

Cable crunches 5x15
Preacher curls 5x8
Dumbbell rows 5x8
Medicine ball Situps 5x15

You have 10 different exercises listed for upper. That seems like allot. Especially with 5x10 on many of the lifts.

No offense, but this seems like what a beginner would propose. What are you lifting on the big lifts?

Maybe do a reputable program. I used to try to do stuff similar to this, but have made much better progress following a reputable program. Brian Alsrue (last name probably spelled wrong) has some programs that seem pretty good. You can find him on YouTube or here on tnation. He has some training logs.

No offense taken what so ever, I am effectively new… I’ve never trained using steroids before. I want to go all out while on this 14 wk cycle with test and maximise gains, hence the ridiculous program, lol.

I’m kind of getting the vibe around forums that the best way to utilise steroids is by doing a ‘normal’ 3 day ppl for example, but running it 6 days… maybe?

I’m not sure how to train on steroids, basically…

Same way you train without them just with more grunting and mirror flexing


The grunting alone will put an inch on your biceps.


You pretty much train like you did off steroids. It takes 2-5 weeks for the juice to build up to a level where it will effect your strength and increase recovery ability. Its definitely a case by case thing. Then you can assess whether it means just putting extra weight on the bar, an increase in volume of sets and or exercises, or some combination of all the above.

It also depends on your goals.

I was training 4 days like this:

Tue - U A
Wed - L A
Fri - U B
Sat - L B
Sun -


Bench 3x5
Chest machine 3x8
Lat Pulldowns 3x8
Bent Row machine 3x8
Curls mach 3x10
Reverse Flies 3x12

Lower A

Squats 3x5
Back extensions
Leg Press 3x10
Leg Curls 3x10
Ab work 3x15

Upper B

OHP 3x5
Chest upright cable 3x10
Pullups 3x8
T bar Rows 3x8
Face Pulls 3x12
Tri prsdwns 3x10
Ab mach 3x10

Lower B

Front Squat 3x5
Romanian Deadlift 3x8
Leg Extensions 3x10
Leg Curls 3x10
Ab work 3x15
Calf Raises 3x12 Superset

So I’d be more beneficial training like this for 2 weeks after my first pin before I’ll start being able to increase the weight pretty fast?

I want to put on and keep as much mass as I possibly can during this 14 weeks of my first cycle.

Thanks guys

I know dudes who are on way more gear than what you are on, and they have fairly normal training routines (they just lift a lot more weight). They might do a tiny bit more volume, but it is not that extreme. Seems to work for them as one as they have world class lifting numbers. One has a 600 lb bench weighing 250, and the other has a 903 squat at 235 lbs.