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Training Routine for Physique?

So i’m currently bulking with the plan to cut in January / February, I’ve bulked and cut before last year, last year I bulked upto 80kg starting at 69k and cut down to be about 72kg, i’m now on a much longer bulk and have gone upto 90kg this time and now i’m just maintaining body weight and enjoying training! Currently up until I cut I just want some insight into the best way to train if I have prospects of doing a Physique competition next year. (And also add in about cardio as im unaware really as to when I should begin cardio before I properly start my cut)

Many thanks :slight_smile:

While I don’t think there’s a specific way for physique competitors to train, there is a certain “look” that does well with the judges. Whether you naturally possess a great taper, capped delts and full pecs or whether you need to adjust your training is the real question.

I’m sure if you threw up a pic and the training that got you there you would get some good advice.


Currently don’t have any photos on phone due to not really photographing during my bulk, all i have is videos so until i get some photo’s done, my current training is an old school routine that I’ve followed, i’ve done PPL / Up/Low and things like Jim Stoppani’s shortcut to size during this bulk however after all that i tend to always go back to the same routine.


Squats starting at high rep ranges of 20 working down to a higher weight for around 5
Hack squats mainly high rep reasonable weight
Extensions same as hack squat
Leg Curls same as the previous 2

Chest / Biceps

Flat bench currently 5x5
Incline bench 5x12
Some sort of variation of a fly 5x12
Barbell Curl 4x10
incline curls 4x10
concentrated curls 4x10


Chin ups (as many sets until i hit 50reps)
Deadlifts 5x5
Barbell Row 5x12
T-bar Row 5x12
(as of late ive added my rear flys into back day aswell)

Shoulders / Triceps

Seated behind the neck press 5x10
Arnold press 5x10
lateral raises 5x10
Close grip bench 4x12
French press/extension 4x12
Cable extension 4x12

Then i tend to rest 2/3 days however due to my lats and arms needing a bit more size i will sometimes rest then have a day for delts and arms just due to the lacking in them.

May not be the best workout plan but it seems to just be what has worked for me atleast it did when i first started training properly at the beginning of 2016 (january time) before that i trained but not seriously or not knowing what i was doing. (PS this plan is not in order its just how i wrote it off the top of my head)