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Training Routine for Martial Arts Athlete?

Hello Thibs and everyone.

After some years of heavy lifting, I felt the need for a change and am coming back to martial Art practice. However, I would like to keep (or even improve) my strenght&athletic abilities in the mean time.

My Martial Art training are on monday, thursday, friday.

I thought about this kind of routine :

Monday: MA training
Tuesday: 3 sets of heavy bench, 3 sets of heavy military press, triceps and shoulder work. (For instance myo rep on skull crusher then thib’s circuit of 3 exercices for shoulder - low volume)
Wednesday : 3 sets of power clean, 3 set of heavy row or weighted pull up, light pull up or row work, biceps work (myo rep on curl for instance)
Thursday: MA training
Friday: MA training
Saturday: Deadlift&legs
Sunday: Short warm up then stretching&mobility work.

I tested as a 1A. As a natural I got to keep the cortisol in check so I thought about keeping the volume realy low on lifting days.

Should I aim for full body training on “lifting” day ? I know that as a natural I should keep the volume low, have sufficient intensity to build up fatigue and work the same muscle 2 to 3 times a week to take advantage of the 24h-36h anabolic window. However, martial art session train the full body in a “HIIT” way. As a result, I am a bit lost. At the moment I just stick to the above program in order to trigger CNS fatigue and some pump without triggering too much cortisol synthesys. I do take glycine after workout and in the evening, have good quality sleep (8-9h)&food.

I did buy 1B, 2A, 1A programs but I can’t really find way to make those work around those training on monday, thursday and friday …

Thanks in advance everyone !