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Training Routine for Marines

Self-bio. 20 years old looking to lean out. Workout schedule Mon, Wen, Fri run 3 miles around 20mins. Everydays besides Sun I work out doing pyramid well sorta 10-10-10. Everyday I swim for an hour:tred water for 30mins then try to swim 500m. My goal is to stay strong but lean and gain endurance.

I eat pretty healthy. No soda, sugary foods, or junk fastfood. I try to get in 5 meals a days but sometimes doesnt happen. Protein after workouts. I need someone to lay a routine on me that I can build muscle but also lean and gain endurance. Should i stick with pyramid or do hard core curcuit training ANY IDEAS NEED SOME HELP!!! thanks

A guy who was training for the marines a while back kept a very detailed log about his training right here on T-Nation. You should find it, itll really show you what to do and what not to do.

Good luck!

You want to

  1. build muscle
  2. gain endurance
  3. lost fat.

LOL. Don’t take this personally, but everyone wants these goals. The body isn’t really good at adapting in all three ways at the same time, but you can definitely acheive some moderate level of progress if you work hard at it.

My take? Keep up your conditioning (2 or 3 days a week), and do one of the routines you find on this site (I recommend Mark Rippetoe’s ‘Starting Strength’. We had a pretty good thread about it a while back, google search ‘Starting Strength: The Guide’) or in the beginner stickies. It’s not perfect, but it might work.

Or find that dude whose a marine and milk his log for all it’s worth. It’ll probably be in the log forum.