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Training Routine Enough Training?

Hey guys, my current training routine looks like this(not sure if i should be rolling on the mats more because i am tryin to become better at jiu jitsu, but can not get much more mat time)

monday: Squat or Deadlift (switch every week), powercleans, glute bridges, and abs then 3 hours later muay thai for an hour;
tuesday- barebell bench, dumbell incline, weighted dips, then ill run some sprints, jiu jitsu 3 hours later for about 2.5 hours
wednesday-pull-ups dumbell or barebell rows,supported rows, ill hit my lower back light, then run a couple sprints, muay thai 3 hours later
thursday-standing barbell press, lateral raises, shrugs, farmers walks, jiu jitsu 3 hours later
friday light box squat, box jumps, sprints, jump rope, jiu jitsu 3 hours later,
saturday off,
sunday jiu jitsu for 2 hours
Thanks guys

amateur or aspiring to be a pro?

-20 yrs old
-been lifting for about 3 years solid 5 days a week
-been training jiu jitsu for 7 months
-been training muay thai about 1 month
-amateur for now we will see where i go from there
(i really want to improve my jiu jitsu game alot i just do not know if 4 days a week is enough)

4 days a week on the mat should be ok, I’m improving quite a bit with only 3 days. If you want to turn pro you may need to step up your technique work, probably with more light drill days on the mat where you’re not rolling hard, but for ammy 4 days a week should be fine.

Id say really you only need 2 S&C sessions a week and spend more time on technique, perhaps do the day classes if they do them instead of weights everyday, you will get more athletic strength, wrestling, rolling clinching etc. Weights dont represent the strength needed for mma but obviousely help.

You look like you’re doing basically what I’m doing, except swap the ground-work and stand-up.

How much do you weigh? How tall?

My lifts are virtually identical to yours as well, and I’d like to start competing in the next six months or so, but I think even getting down to 185, at a tad under 5’11" I’ll be on the short end.