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Training Routine -Advice Appreciated!


Here is my current routine

Jump Rope x 6 min (to get heart rate going)
Handstand Pushup x 12 reps x 5 sets 40 secs rest inbetween
(I cant do the last 3 sets perfectly yet...but once I do i'll get a weighted vest to keep my max rep at 12. Thats the way to build strength if I'm not mistaken)

Pullups x 12 reps x 5 sets 40 secs rest inbetween (same situation as handstand pushup)
Dips x 12 reps x 5 sets 40 sec rest inbetween (doing this with a weighted backpack on my lap)
Pistols x 12 reps /5 sets 40 sec rest inbetween (doing this with a weighted backpack)
Assorted ab exercises

Modified Burpees to failure - I start with a hindu pushup, follow it up with a clap pushup, then a starjump. IMO, I feel its a good rounder off as it works all the bodyparts I already worked on.

If I'm still not puking , I round it off with some light skipping

I plan on doing this on mondays, weds, thurs and fri (due to work schedule)

This routine is primarily aimed at builing strength and, to a lesser degree, endurance (for muay thai). Please correct me if my routine doesnt reflect my goals. Also, please offer some constructive criticism where you see room for improvement =)

Thanks in advance!!


with high reps and short rest periods it seems more geared toward mass then strength to me


ok....how long should I rest inbetween sets then?


it seems I overestimated my strength. My handstand pushups goes like 8/3/1.... 6/3/3... 6/3/3... 3/3/3/3... 3/3/2/2/2... and my shoulders and triceps are so burnt afterward I cant do dips afterward. Pullups are affected, but not that badly.

Pistols are fine though, through I had to struggle for the last 2 sets

And finally the modified burpees. I push as hard as I can on the clap, and I'm burnt out by 8 reps! Not to mentioned how burnt my legs are by this point.

So...can someone suggest the optimal rep/set I should do for my handstand to achieve strength gain asap? Also the optimal rest period inbetween?


3-5 minutes rest between sets can help your body recover so that you put up more weight each set and that will make you stronger