Training Right After Shot?

Hi iv been trainig for about a year now and just starting my first cycle of cyp and test but i was just wondering can you train straight after the shot? Or do you have to wait and if so how long??

Thanks in advance :+1:

Train right after, get that blood flowing. :+1::muscle:


Brilliant thanks for your reply it is much appreciated :+1::facepunch:

Second. It hurts a lot less when you realize that you can push through the discomfort and actually be ok. Makes it easier those first few weeks where you’re battling the mental part of physically sticking something sharp into your body, despite all evolutionary urges to avoid such things.

Whilst you can train after a shot, should you, especially if you are a newbie?
I prefer to inject when I’m calm, and relaxed, not amped up for a workout. You are less likely to fuck up the process and break sterility, or get PIP from being rough. Once you are comfortable with the process inject whenever is good, but keep it regular.
As cyp is long estered there is no advantage to working out straight after an injection, as it takes weeks for it to build up in your system. Something fast acting like test suspension, is best taken before a workout.

I wouldn’t suggest you pin in the locker room after smashing 4 scoops of pre-workout whilst downing a pint of coffee and you’re raging to set a new squat PR. But working out after you pin at home while you’re getting ready to head the gym is fine.


Maybe this is why im not hitting PRs iv been doing it all wrong!

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Wait, you guys don’t just smoke meth pw? I thought that was sort of an unwritten rule.


Only on leg day

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That would be tough for me as my #1 rule is always skip leg day.