Training + Rehab


I want to keep a training log here because it seems to me there are a lot of cool guys giving advice on training and rehab.

Background information.

I grew up on a farm and have always worked alot of manual labor until recently since im studying to become a lawyer.

I was training and competing in a lot of sports until i was about 16. Including: Football, wrestling (got some goldmedals), athletics (mostly endurance and the 60m dash. ) , and tabletennis. I stopped when i was 16 because i moved and it wasnt available anymore.

16-18. â?? started lifting weights and did the original Mark ripptoes programm and ate alot. Got somewhat stronger. Mostly in the squat and bench press. But i also got fat and my running times went to shit since i was 50 pounds heavier.

When i was 18 years old i had a car accident and fuked up my back. Bulging discs, spasms, constant nagging pain radiating down to my calfs and instability were the main symptoms. I still trained but it only got worse so i stopped training for a while like my doctor advised me to. That turned out to be a bad decision. I got back to training a year later but i mostly trained my upper body because my back was so fuked up. I ended upp injuring my left shoulder, probably from to much pressing work and ignoring external rotation exercises. (thats what my physio thinks anyways). Then i spent about 1.5 years doing no training because , well , everything hurt! I still worked manual labor tho and that hurt a ton. I took alot of painkillers and anti inflammatory drugs in that time. During that time i read alot of rehab and exercise information but never got around to fixing my back because i thought it would just heal if i stopped aggravating it. In that time i got weaker, fatter and semi depressed and the prolonged rest only made me stiff and my back got worse. When i was at my worst i couldnt even jog at all or walk for long distance without pain. Rest clearly wasnt cutting it.

Then i found Alphaâ??s log on T-Nation (6 months ago) and spent about a week reading it all. I think it changed my life. I realized that i had noone to blame exept myself and i was just being a Pu**y. I completly changed my diet, training and work ethics. I read up on Ecressey and mike robertson stuff and i realized i had to work hard to regain stability in my core, flexibilty and moblity if wanted to get back in shape. .Since then i have been fixing my back and trying to get back into shape.

I am now 21 years old and study atleast 10 hours a day at the university and my main goal is to just be able to train! Because i love doing it. I am currently training about 6 days a week. I do moblity and core stability every day. I want to fix my back, gain strength,mobility and flexiblity. My long term goal is to be able to do the WA program without pain (joint pain). In order to stay consistent i have set myself a deadline. In September this year i will join a jujitsu club if im ready or not. I want to be perfectly healthy by then and have good endurance and strength.

In short i want to be athletic again, like i was a few years ago.

Stats right now are.

Weight - 90kg , 198 pounds. â??

Height â?? 178cm , 5 feet 10 inches

Fat- to much. I dont look, move or feel good.

Strenght â?? (injured). But im working with 135 pounds in the deadlift with only mild pain.

I think my strenght and endurance is a joke right now but i have a very competive attitude and i am confident that in time i will have respectable athletic ability.

I look forward to this.

  1. march. 2011.

07:30 - 2 scoop whey in skimmed milk + apple + cod liver oil + multivit + stim/fatburner (60 gr protein)

Workout – back. - (workout shake= 3 scoops whey + creatine!.. 75gr protein)

----Warmup 5 min ski trainer–

Chingrip pulldown.

30kg x10. 40kg x10. 56kg x10,10. 62kg x10,. 49kg x10

HS chest supported row.

nutral grip. 20+20kg x10 . 40+40kg x8,8,8.

Overhand grip . 40+40kg x10

HS shrugs. (supposed to be a squat machine of some kind)

40kg x10. 80kg x10. 100kg x10. 100kg x20. 120kg x10. 100kg x20.

  • had a hard time deadlifting the weight up, as my back is pretty messed up. but i managed it and i only have mild pain right now. i made sure i braced my core real tight.

HS mts high row. - underhand grip

50+50 x10. . 80+80 x10. 100+100 x5. (jerk set!). 70+70 x10.

HS mts low row - underhand grip

30+30kg x10,10,10,10.

AB- wheel. on knees.

2 sets of 10.

  • i cant go far out on theese… yet. I feel my Abs are way stronger than 2 weeks ago, training them daily is definitely the way to go.

some hip flexor and quad stretching.

some foam rolling of the quad and IT band.

** i am 5kg lighter than 3 months ago and feel a lot stronger.

  1. march. 2011


21:30. Rehab work.

NT hip mobility.

50 band tricep pushdowns. (gonna do these until my right tricep heals up, i tweaked it pretty bad 10 days ago.)

Band external rotation 1 set.

Soft tissue work on the glute with a tennisball.

stretching of the glute.


Good diet.

1 - 2 scoops whey + nuts + cod liver oil + stim + 5gr fitnes fiber

2 - SKYR + banana

3 - bread with salmon. eggs. vegatbles + skyr

4 - 5 eggs + vegatbles + dvit + omega 3

5 - 2 scoops whey + 5gr fitnes fiber + milk + creatine. + ibuprofen + norgesic

6 - milk + nuts + omgega 3 + ibuprofen + norgesic


NT hip mob. foam roll. IT, adducotr, HIP FLEXORS!, glute. , stretch glute.


1 km - at 10. (speed 10km/h)

500m at 11.

Evening: Hot tub.

  1. march. 2011.

Ski trainer ? 3 min.

Foam roll IT band.
v sit stretch, hip flexor stretch, quad stretch, ham stretch, glute stretch.
Mountain climber stretch. X5

Split squat.

Bw x 10 each.

12 12kg 4 set x10 each.

45°leg press. (my back didnt like this)

150kg x10
200kg x10,10,10,10

Seated leg curl. (i need to get stronger at this, i’m almost twice as strong on the leg extension)

55kg 10,10
70kg x10
50kg 10 hold

Leg extension

55kg x10
95kg x10
125kg x10
145kg x4 * (last two were semi reps)
65kg x20.

Calfs on the leg press. (i get cramps in the sole of my feet doing these)
Whatever x10.
45?s. ? dropset. 65kgx15.45kgx15.25kx15. 1 leg at a time.
45?s - dropset 55kgx15, 35kgx15., 25kg x15. 1 leg at a time.

Climbermachine 3 min.
ski trainer 5 min.


11:00 ? 5 eggs . vegatbles. 2k dvit. Multivit. Stimulant.

14:00 - tuna/cottage cheese salad. 2gr omega 3. SKYR.

17:00 - 2 scoops whey. 5gr fitnes fiber.

20:00- 22:00 ? Pre/post/peri training nutrition. - 100gr whey 5gr creatine tbs dextrose.

22:30 ? some nuts.

  1. april. 2011. training. - Pressing rehab. (workout nutrition: 100gr protein 5gr creatine)

Had very limited time

YWTL (diesel) - 4 4kg 3 rep each movement.

Overhead shrugs.
20kg x5

Push press. (got some impingement feeling here)
20kg x3.
30kg x3
30kg x10
40kg x3,3
30kg x3,3,3

db Incline shrugs, chest supported.
22 + 22kg x10,10,10

barbel benchpress. (my shoulder are coming together, i know i�´m way stronger than this, just need to heal my shoulders so i can start pressing something heavy!. some pain on the heaviest set.)
20kg x20
50kg x5
60kg x3
70kg x3
60kg x3

band external rotation 0°

band tricep pulldown, (trying to pump blood in there to heal it faster,i tweaked my right tricep 12 days ago.)

45° thumbs up side raises with shrug.
4 + 4kg x10,10
6 + 6kg x10 (no shrug)

40sek plank straight into 5 pushups.

Diet. 1 april.

07:45 - Greek yoghurt 2 scoops whey orange.
11:00 - 5 omega 3 eggs. fish oil vegetables 2k dvit.
13:30-15:00 - workout nutrition 100gr protein 5 creatine.
16:00 - minced beef fiber omega 3 ibuprofen.
20:00 - minced beef fiber omega 3 ibuprofen.
some nuts before sleep.

19:00 - rehab session

NT hip mobility.
Bird dogs x10
TG multiplanar hip rotation.
T-spine mobility. (extension on foam rollers side lying windmill)
Ecressey shoulder mobility.
Foam rolled the lats then stretched them.
Foam rolled. (it band, quad, adductor, glute, piriformis, sole of the feet)
Sretching, glute, quad, v-sit, hip flexor.

Saturday. 2. april. 2011.- no training. . diet was high in protein but also high in junk :S

sunday.3 april. 2011. - training arms. allright diet.


warmup 5 min cardio. 15kg x30 tricep pushdowns.

  • very closegrip bench. -(my shoulders dont like this, but its getting better)

20kg x20
40kg x10,10,10,10,10

  • barbel curl. wide grip. (got some shoulder pinching on those)

15kg x20

25kg x10

30kg x8,6

25kg x10,10

  • Cable tricep pushdowns.

25kg x10

35kg x10,7,10

  • hammer curl w. twist.

12.5 12.5 x 10

14 14 x10

16 16 x6 ( my left shoulder was screaming at my when i did these:S)

14 14 x10

12 12x10

facepull. -

30kg x20

25kg x20

Front plank 1 set. (back and core is getting stronger! yes!)
– went to the hottub and sauna straight after.

  • as i write this its monday and my shoulders are sore as hell! but my tricep is ok.

meal 1 - 2 scoops whey. cod liver oil. multivit. fiber.

meal 2 - SKYR banana

meal 3 - 3 omega 3 egg egg whites vegatbles dvit ibuprofen omega 3

meal 4 - SKYR apple omega 3

meal 5 - 2 scoops protein fiber omega 3

meal 6 - norgesic nuts.

21:00 - running rehab.

NT hip moblity, foam roll (it band ,adductor,hip flexors) , mountain climbers, band external rotations, TKE

Running. - 35 minutes. - (back held up allright)

1 sprint in the end. (still have allright speed! and no sharp back pain )

  • gonna ice my shoulders now. they are very sore from the closegrip benching.
  1. april.

Starving all day! was so busy i forgot to eat!

11:00 - 2 scoops whey , cod liver oil , apple

15:00 - 2 scoops whey , fiber

18:00 - 22 gr protein, 20gr carbs
19:30 - 22gr protein , 20gr carbs

20:30 - lots of premium steak, sweet potatoes. multivitamin

-Training.- Back - 18:30

Run 800m

HS iso lateral row.

40kg x10
80kg x10,10,10,10
40kg x20

pulldown. chingrip ( pulldown to chest) (focused on keeping my elbows close to my body, seemed to work my lats better)

49kg x10
55 x10
60 x 8
55kg x10
49kg x10

HS shrug. (* i have a hard time getting into posistion with these cuz of my lower back injury)
40 x12
80 x12
110 x20
140kg x12 (last 3-4 reps were dodgy)
140kg x12 (last 3-4 reps were dodgy)
110kg x20

low cable row. v handle

51kg x10,10
40kg x10.

Dual cable pulldown. (rotating the arm)
45kg x10,10,10

Front plank 1 set
band external rotation 1 set.

  1. april

1 - 2 scoops protein fiber creatine multivit cod liver oil

2 - 3 omega 3 eggs egg whites fish oil stim

3 - apple 20gr whey 20 gr carbs

4 - steak vegatbles omega 3 ibuprofen stim

5 - 2 scoops protein fiber omega 3 nuts

-went to a see a PT and a Doctor.

  • Had cortisone injections for both my shoulders…my shoulders hurt and feel weird :). . gonna take it easy now for a few days but keep my diet the same.

** my back is killing me from deadlifting the weight i shruged yesterday.

*** i have major DOMS in all my back, lats, traps etc.

Just saw this video… Just to clear up i’ve been doing back raises not extensions.

Been taking it easy like the doctor ordered.

Diet has been spot on.
Although yesterday i ate a lot of lamb and had some beer because my dad turned 50.

Last tuesday - tweaked my lower back.
Last wednesday - had cortisone injections
last saturday - first training session in a while

  1. april


bike 5 min foam rolling NT hip mob

Leg ext. 65kg x15,15,15,20.

BW back raise. x13,14,14,14.

HS standing hamstring. 10kg x10. 15kg x10 (back was hurtin so i stopped)

Tryed jogging but my back was shot! damn

  • Training - PM

was mainly in there to spot my friend on squats and bench presses. I still did some squats.

60kg x6.

  1. april

Foam rolling/tennisball. (made sure to hit my teres major,lats,glutes and hips real good)
Upperbody mobility. (thoraric extensions,side lying windmills, Ecressey shoulder mob,)
NT hip mobility, birddogs, lying hip thrusts.

I’m gonna attack these injurys with renewed vigor.

  1. I just started using a glucosamine product gonna use 1300mg every day for a month. i hope it helps.

  2. i’m going try to stop using painkillers and voltaren as much as i can.

  3. i’m going to bump my fish oil intake to 20-30gr a day and i have been increasing my water intake.

  4. I’m going to do mobility, foam rolling, stability stuff every day and i´m going to get alot better at planks and back raises.

Diet looks something like this.

eggs, whey, vegatbles, nuts, fruits, meats and supps.

havent posted in a while do to crazy exams. It payed of tho because i annihlated the tests! (only 3 students got better scores than me)

Been on some kind of maintainance phase for the last month but made some modest gains.

i now weigh about 87 kg.

I´m now gonna post my training for the last month in 1 post!!! it’s gonna be long.

Cortisone feels weird…

  1. april - NT hip mobility. side windmills. front plank 1min. foam rolling/tennisball on glutes… glutestretch.
  2. april
    ski trainier 5 min.
    Seated hamstring. (explosive concentric, 3 sec negative) stretched the quads and hip flexors between sets.
    35kg x10,15,15,15
    40kg x 15

Pulldown. (random grips)
?? x10,25,10.10,10,10 (some pain… should have rested, only 5 days since the cortisone injection)

db shrugs. 18 18kg x10- (painful! stop it)

back raises w. 2 sec hold and squeeze on top.
bw x12,12

Back raises. x20

Front plank 1 set

rower. 600m

  1. april.
  • 20 min cardio pool
  • back, hips, shins felt like shit today, upperback
  1. april.
  • 20 min cardio pool
  • back, hips, shins felt like shit today, upperback
  1. april.
  • 20 min cardio + pool
  • back, hips, shins felt like shit today, upperback & neck was a little better. shoulder still feel stiff.
    20:00 - foam roll/tennisball, hips,hip flexor, glutes.

-Foam roll, IT band,quad,adductor

  • ski trainer 4 min.
    -NT hip mobility
  • super light band external rotations, (shoulder feeling stiff but little pain)
  • glutestretch,ham,hip flexor,quad.
  • bw lunges 5.
    barbel back squats. 20kg x20. 60kg x1. 60kg x5. (just got a belt. trying to protect my weak ass back.)
    45°back raises. slow movement with 2sek hold and squeeze
    bw x10,10,10,10,10
    -Did hanging spine decompression between sets on the dip bars… felt great!¨a little painful but great.
  • leg extension machine. 65kg x10. 105kg x10. 145kg x5 + 1 very slow negative. 75 kg x20. (getting crazy strong on this)
    – *,didnt do hamstrings because my hip flexor felt so stiff and my back is weak now, also i did them 2 days ago.,
    for some reason hip flexors always get work when i do hamstring exercises.
    -front plank 3 sett
  • side plank 1 set each.
  • sledgehammer swings to tire - 1 min.
  • messed around with heavy ball throwing, did some very light kettlebell swings. gonna add these inn and see if i can use them to strengthen my hips.
    *** this training session made my back feel alot better for some reason! was hurting like hell yesterday.
    ****alot of rehab stuff. ice and heat on my hips and back.

  1. april.
    -skitrainer + 500m row for warmup.
  • YWTL 2 kg.
  • 5 very slow pushups.
    barbel bench press.
    20kg x20
    40kg x12
    60kg x3
    70kg x1
    75kg x1
    80kg -fail – * being injured has definatly made me weaker:(
    Barbel floor press
    20kg x10
    40kg x5
    60kg x4
    50kg x5

Cable shoulder press.
10+10 x10
15+15 x10
15+15 x10
12.5+12.5 x10

45°side raise with shrug.
4+4 kg x10,10,10

Cable external rotatoni 0°
3.75 x10,10,10,10
*** shoulder felt alot better than ususal! still not perfect.
Front plank 1 sett.

  1. april.
  • foam roll
    -NT hip mobility,
  • stretching

Crossfit type workout!

10 burpee pullups. -meanwhile partner does sledgehammer swings to tire -(then we switch)
10 lunges + 20 jump squats - meanwhile partner is skipping.
10 squats w. 30 kg bag - meanwhile partner does box jumps.
500m róður - -meanwhile partner does sledgehammer swings to tire
10 lunges + 20 jumps squats - meanwhile partner is skipping.

10 squats m. 15kg bag- box jumps
—very tired after this!

incline walking.
cable tricep - lots of sets
hammercurl w. twist. - lots of set
some bag punching. i suck at it
hammerstrenght dips. xx x10,10 - dont like these
normal dips. bw x6. bw x 5 (little assist on the last set) * shoulders hurt doing these, and my ROM is bad.
HS-preacher curl. xx x 10,10,10

front plank 1 set.

  1. april
    warmup coomplex with kettlebells and barbell. (snatch shrugs, bentoverrow, bentower shrugs. cleans. KB, presses, swings)
    3 rounds of
    10 pushups. – partner does sledgehammer to tire meanwhile.
    3 rounds of.
    Partner holds plank position (he can alternate plank variations) while the other does 30 gorilla ball slams (4 kg ball)
    then 30 bear crawlers.(1 leg burpee knee tuck?*) - sprint 20 yards. - row 300m. - hang from a pullup bar as longs as you can - walk 120 yards with a 30kg bag.
    20 trx rows.- sprint 20 yards.- 5 burpee pullups - sprint 20 yards - Some KB swings.

PM- short run (few km)

  1. april.
    Woke up and shoulder feel fucked up. dull ache all the time!
    am- band external rotatoins 2 setts.
    PM- fit stride - 5 min
    pulldown. 30kg x10. 50kg x10. 56kg x10. 50kgx10,10,10 ( no shoulder pain)
    (dominated the weight did some reps very fast, some very slowly, did isometric holds in in the bottom, middle and more.)
    pulldown shrugs. 50kg x10
    HS chest supported iso row. 50kg x10. 70kg x10,10. 90kg x3. (some shoulder pain). 50kg x alot of isometric holds at peak position and minireps.
    overhead shrugs w. hold . 25kg x10,10,10
    Pushupplus - x10.
    barbel shrugs. 45kg x10
    HS mts high row. 60+60 x10,10,20. 90+90 x10
    back raise. w. hold and squeeze at top. bwx16,16. 10kg x10
    back raise (no hold, fast reps) . 22reps.

some foam rolling. ice therapy, heat therapy.

15:00 - band external rotatoins 3 sets. + 1 front plank.
21:00 - Back has been feeling bad lately because of all the sitting and studying. knees also hurt today, the pain in my knees went away tho when i warmed up.
foam roll it band,adductor,quad. NT hip mob. 5 pushups. + incline walking 4 min
seated leg curl. 35kg x10, 45kg x10. 50kg x10,10
barb squat 20kg x20
split squat 12+12 x10
shrug 25+25 x10
pullups. very slow and controlled. bw x3
1 leg press. 25kg x20. 40kg x20. 75kg x15,15
2leg press. 125kg x10,10
leg ext. 85kg x20. 95kg x20. 105kg x16. 105 kg x20
natural GHR - 1 rep (cramp!)
back raise w. hold. bw x 12 reps.


20 pushups

  • back feels like crap

pushups x10,10
hands elevated pushups x20
feets elevated pushups x20
pushup plus x10
pushups x10
band external rotations 5 sets

-shoulders are coming along

  1. april
    shoulders feeling stiff :S

band bicep curls x50,50
band tricep pressdown x50,50
band external rotation 1 set.

some foam rolling. some running


warmup fitstride
pulldown. 40kg x10 55kg x10
bw x5,3,4.
kipping chinups. x5
chest supported hs iso row.
40kg x10
80kg x10,10
60kg x10,10
overhead db shrug (stability exercise
whatever x 4 sets.
YIT - 3+3kg x3. (pain in shoulder wtf!?)
50kg x10
55kg x10
60kg x10
70kg x8 (pain in shoulder so i stopped)
45kg x20 dropset . 30kg x10
back raise w. hold
bw x18,18,18
supersetted with 2 front planks.
******************* 87kg bw.
some running.

27, april
very sore in lats and hamstrings.

squats 20kg x20
40kg x10
60kg x5
70kg x10
60kg x5

back raise bw w. hold

HS hamstring curl w. hold
15kg x10
25kg x10 - (no hold)
15kg x10
-some pullups

football 1.5 hours

short jui jitsu session. - i love this!!!
-some pullups.

  1. april

band external rot. 2 sets
band internal rot 1 set
10 air squats.

still sore in obliqes and quads from the squats but my back feels fine!!
it is now clear that hammering back raises and planks has done wonders for my back.


stretching, jumping, running for warmup.

40m spring. 5 pushups. 40m sprint.
700m jog.
benover barbel row. 20kg x20
bw x3,3,3,3 - (controlled)
bw x7,7 (hip drive)


14:00 short sessoin.
stretching. shadow boxing. split squats. jumping lunges.
side lunges. glute bridges. sledge hammer swings. band resisted shadow boxing.
20:00 -
jui jitsu 10 min.
pulldown chingrip, to chest (i do pulldowns all the way to chest)
40kg x10
50kg x10
60kg x10
65kg x10
50kg x10

db shrugh 2 sek hold at top
28+28 x10,10,10

chest supporte db incline row,
18+18 x12,12,12

side pullups? x2 (pull my chin to 1 hand at a time! these are hard)

back raises w. hold

jui jitsu 15 min

5 may-recovery
ridiculs soreness after 2 days of back training.

foam roll it band, adducotr, glute.
jog, low intensity cardio.
front plank
side plank
NT hip mob.


some handstand practise.

  1. may

soccer - 2 hours.
jui jitsu 30 mins.

back was very stiff after that. and i got a suprising cramp/pain in my right low back erectors.!
lot of voltaren and norgesic.

10 may.
lot og heat and cold on my back.
-front plank.
band external rot - 2 sets
band internal rot - 1 set
band pullaparts - 1 set
band 45°raise w. shrug -1 set

NT hip mob.
glute bridges x10
band external rotations.
walk to the park
5 pushups on parallel bars
5 reverse rows.
some foot assisted dips
front plank

warmup. fit stride
pulldown,chingrip -to chest
70 x10 (to chin)
50x 12 (to chest)
chest supported hs iso row.
80x10 - sloppy form
40x 20

3 board press.
60x 5

HS shrugs.
40x 20.
80kg x20
130kg x12
130kg x10
100kg x20
100kg x20

mts low row - 3 sets.
mts high row - 3 sets

back raises w. sqeese and minirep on top
bw x20,20
2kg ball held to chest x20

front plank 2 sets
sideplank 1 set

some gripper stuff.


Just got some bands and stuff from efts yesterday.

As soon as i got them i did some good mornings with an average band.

today i have so much backpain i can barely walk!! flexion and extension hurts like a *****

I dont know what happened, it’s either the good mornings or the heavy shrugging yesteday.

lot of ibuprofen and ice today.