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Training regimen for Track/cross country

Ok fellas here it goes…
My neighbor is 18 years old and is on the varsity track and cross country team…
He wants me to help him gain some size over summer (we are looking at about a solid 4 month block of trainig) But at the same time he wants to get his numbers better in his sports…so i am not sure wether it would be a good idea to really put him on something like massive eating, even though he is naturally lean (not like twigy lean he is athletic)
his stats are…5’8’ 145 lbs he is lean can see all 6 abs not sure exact body fat %… what do you guys think would be a good training/nutriton/supplemtation program. lay it on me fellas

Massive eating would be a great diet for him. Especially since JB recommends a hefty supply of carbs and calories. Nor on to another topic; He should choose his goals wisely, his goal should be to better his athletic performance not visual impact. If bigger muscle moves him up a weight class (if applicable to his advent) or is part of a peridized program then it is acceptable even recommended.

Massive eating is NOT a great diet for distance runners… TOO many calories, and as a HS distance runner he may not be burning as many calories as you would expect. Fat gain will wreck havok on distance running performance.

Ah, finally my domain of long distance running. I’m going to take a minute to enjoy this since it rarely comes up.


Now then, massive eating is the antithesis of what a LD runner should be using. I’d recommend a Zig-Zagish approach. On the days he lifts, get him a couple hundred calories over maintenance. If maintenance is 2,000, try 2250. Off-lifting/running days, maintenance is fine. I imagine he’ll be running on those lifting days as well, at least some of the time; running in the morning, lifting in the afternoon/early-evening is a good approach. Try to limit this to once per week if possible, as multiple times per week over the long haul will confuse the holy crap out of his body.

You don’t want to go crazy with the caloric intake; as a teenager who probably doesn’t have a lot of experience lifting he should make significant muscular gains without much of an increase. It’s entirely dependent on his body, but an outline for a macro breakdown might be 125/75/200 P/F/C on running days, and 175/125/100 on lifting days (assuming that 2,000 kCal maintenance level). Rough sketch, but play with it.

Hope this helps!


Here’s what I would do with him.

Clarify his goals.

Getting bigger and getting faster at cross-country are working at cross purposes.

If he wants to get bigger, you know what to do, I’m sure. But make sure that he knows that his running numbers will most likely suffer.

On the other hand, if he lifts heavy with low reps, he can get stronger without getting much bigger. Just lift like a lower weight class powerlifter–low reps, low general volume, heavy weight, controlled calorie intake. Make sure that he keeps up his running, too.

He’ll get stronger and faster without putting on much weight. Then, when he retires from CC, he has built up a strength base. Goose the volume a little, bump up calories… and bang, he’s a hoss for college.

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