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Training Regime Critique?

Abit about myself

UK based, 30 y/o, Natural , Diagnosed Low Test , Awaiting TRT . Not sure which neuro type I am, its a mix of 2 & 3. Weighing 84Kg with max lifts @ (S,B,D - 190kg,120kg,190kg)

Going down to 3 days a week training so I can start focusing on BJJ a little more, but still slowly chip away at some size and strength gains. Anyone Feel free to critique my program in ways it sucks , and how it could be better. My exercise selection is based on what I think will help me further my own goals. E.g. no heavy deads as I feel I take too long to recover from them and it effects other training. FloorPress as I feel this will help carry over into BJJ more than a normal bench.

Monday - 1
Tues - BJJ
Wed - 2
Thurs - BJJ
Fri - Rest
Sat - 3
Sun - Rest

5x(6,5,4,3,2,1) means 5 sets of 6, then next week 5x5 etc… not some crazy drop set

1 )
Squat - 5x(6,5,4,3,2,1)
FloorPress - 4x(8,10,12)
Pullup - 5x(6,5,4,3,2,1)

Clean - 5x(6,5,4,3,2,1)
RDL’s - 3x(8,10,12)
Bent Over Row - 4x(8,10,12)
Behind Neck Press - 4x(8,10,12)

Squat - 4x(8,10,12)
FloorPress - 5x(6,5,4,3,2,1)
Pullup - 4x(8,10,12)

Adjusting your training for your goals is nothing to apologize for. I’ve worked with MMA fighters and even NFL players and obviously their training isn’t going to resemble what you’d see in an article on bodybuilding or hypertrophy training.

If you lose some size (fat? Possibly a little muscle) in the process of pursuing your actual goals, great! If you feel you’re losing some actual lbm in The process, Then you can look at your diet/recovery. I’ve found that maintaining muscle, even when utilizing a very different training program, is much easier than building the muscle originally.

Please don’t :confused:


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You know that phone call is coming sooner or latter?





I can talk from experience here. I have done Bjj and Judo. I now do Rugby twice a week with weights & sprints. I’m also “about” your age - well with in 4 years.

Recovery is key. Which you have already covered. But to expand with what I’ve found - knowing when to push on and when to ease off is critical. After a really good squat session recently I had to take an unplanned day off as I was too sore to do anything. There is a fine line between training hard and being stupid. And as you get older every time you cross it you risk a longer and longer lay off.
Bjj / sports training (especially contact sport) is really taxing on the system. In a different but no less demanding way. Make sure you keep aware of any niggles that could work themselves into all out injury.

Lift planning:
I dead lift Friday,
Active recovery / aerobic bias sprints Saturday
Squat Sunday,
Sprints Monday
Rugby Tuesday,
Press Wednesday,
Rugby Thursday.
As you can see I’m busy. I plan my hard lifts on Friday and Sunday as I have the most amount of time to recovery before rugby training. I would suggest doing similar. Having tired shoulders is different to having 2 dead legs during training. I can;t imagine holding guard on someone the day after a squat session…

Have you considered trap bar dead lifts. They are a great dead lift replacement. Not saying they will work but they might. They are less taxing to recover from. I can testify to that.

Lastly - I’m not a fan of sport specific strength unless there is a very specific reason or your are already freakishly strong. My point - I’m not sure the floor press is better for Bjj than normal bench. HOWEVER - I’m also not sure it will be worse. And you can still get strong as hell at the floor press. So - its up to you I guess. I would personally stick with flat bench.

Good luck!



I use to flip my eye lids around and chase kids when I was in kindergarten. But that gif honestly made me cringe, who the fuck does that!?!?

Why does everyone get a sad on about neuro types? Mentioned it as my post was in thibs category … pleas explain …

Trap dead’s do help but still fuck me up , I’ve got short levers so I recover quicker from squats and pressing but deadlifting knocks me out for about 3/4 days …
my doms after heavy squats come the day after the day after so BJJ after squat day isn’t to bad for me tbh just makes the next day even worse. If it was after hypertrophy squats tho that would be a different story altogether!

Tbh my bench is better than my floor press but wanted to work on my tri’s and guessed that if I’m going to be using the bench movement pattern at all in BJJ as a last resort the floor press is more likely to replicate being on your back in BJJ even though I know that technique is everything , brute force and maximum aggression is a last resort …

Dude, that gif is both hard to look at and hard to look away


If anyone says this too you - ask them to arm bar a silver back gorilla. All of the BJJ techniques should work still. There anatomy is similar enough…
I’m being flippant of course.
But the point remains, if weight and strength were not determining factors - then why do they separate people into weight and sex categories?

I will all ways contest:
In Bjj, technique is the most important asset. However if your opponent is only of a slightly higher skill set, but you are twice as strong and twice as fit- then you have the upper hand.
In Judo - as strength has very little to do with staying on your feet - its more weight.

With regards to your work outs - they look solid man. Everything I worry about with my work outs is covered. As I said just monitor yourself and make sure you are not overdoing it. Its easy to accumulate fatigue.

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I passionately hate this.

Because they are of the neurotype that causes one to get a “sad on” about neurotypes. Duh.


ahh it all makes perfect sense now

No one wants to be that guy. The one that disagrees with one of the establish coaches.

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