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Training Recommendations


I have a month off with nothing to do. I am a wannabe powerlifter currently doing my own version of boring but big (5/3/1), which I love, but I don't have any particular stretching routine or cardio work. I usually find time to skip rope once every 2 weeks when I am in school. I was looking at doing DeFranco's Agile 8, and some shoulder mobility work (dislocations and RTC work). You know...treat myself well while I can. I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations for this type of work, or if the Agile 8/dislocations and skipping rope are sufficient for all my needs.

I should mention that I am on a budget. After buying my gym membership for the month and food for the week, I am currently down to 50 bucks. I don't have anything to roll on and I can't go order a ton of equipment and what not. I was thinking I could get some PVC pipe, a lacrosse ball, etc. I would eventually like to make a sandbag and maybe a home made sled of some type. I also may be able to get access to the local high school's gym on occasion. (I usually help coach there in the summer before I leave for college.)

I am going to start today with my own made up stretching routine based on what I used to do for football, a nice leisurely walk in the park around noon, another stretch session followed by a half hour of skipping rope, and possibly a few sets of pull ups (mostly for grip strength) later on a bar I rigged up in my basement.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I don't think I will ever have another month off like this again, and I want to make the most out of it.


Yeah man, get a piece of PVC from a construction site or lowes. Softball from walmart etc. I filled a cheap duffle bag with my bench press chains. It kicks my ass and it only weighs 60-75# or so. Here's a pic of my dragging 'sled' and old tire- FREE with a tow strap I got at Tractor supply for $20. You could use a rope. The good thick stuff at Lowes is around $1 per foot. The surface area of that tire is more than you think so I often times don't even need to weight it down. It's brutal. You can also beat the tire with a sledge hammer or bat for time for some cardio if you want. Also You can carry it around like a Husefeld stone or a semi atlas stone type lift. All kinds of stuff .

Hope this gives you some ideas.


This is exactly the kind of stuff I am looking for.