Training Recommendations

Just wanted to get an outside opinion on what my next training cycle should look like. For the last year I’ve been primarily doing HST. Ive made good gains since I resumed lifting seriously about a year ago. I’ve added 15 pounds of LBM and have my BF down to 10% at 190lbs. Although my main goal is hypertrophy, I’m thinking I should go on a more ‘neural’ type program to switch things up (in two weeks I’m starting MAG-10). Since I’ve been doing HST for a while, do you guys think the higher intensity ‘neural’ training will lead to mainly size increases while using MAG-10? OR, should I go through a max weight cycle and save MAG-10 for a future hypertrophy cycle? Thanks!

I don’t have any answers for you, but I’m timmy k. Not you, me. Sorry, but I’m pretty sure I was here first.

I would go through a heavy maximal weight cycle for now. Something like Poloquin’s “Training with Maximal Weights” way back in the first issue. As for MAG-10, I’d save it for a hypertropy cycle, although you may experience good growth because you’ve been doing HST for so long, you may be primed to hit some serious strength work.