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Training Questions, Cracking Shoulder

hey guys, does training heavy everytime you go to the gym beneficial? my max bench is only 170lbs. i used to bench 120lbs for 8 reps now just recently i loaded the weights to 140lbs for 8 reps too. i use weights that i can only do 8 reps max ( shoulders, bi/triceps…etc)…is it a good idea…?

also which one is better for maintaining muscle or possibly adding more muscle, is it training in circuit or you finish all 4 sets for one exercise then move on to the next one (pairings?) i’m 17 and 179 cm if that info helps.

is there anyway to strengthen your wrist?? and why does my shoulder crack when i do shoulder presses???

It’s hard to say which way would be better for building muscle and/or maintenance without knowing the specifics. Check out this article, and everything else written about complexes: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/rebuild_yourself_with_complexes . As for training with max effort every time, I’ve got the impression you’ll want to stay back a bit, in the order of 90% of max effort most of the time.

Here’s a few articles on strengthening the grip. The way I understood it, those also strengthen your wrist.

What sort of shoulder presses are we talking about? I’d guess your problem is either in shoulder mobility or your form. If you could get a video of yourself doing the presses, it would be easier to tell.

As a caveat, I’m kind of a beginner myself so if there’s an article out there saying something different, it’s probably right. If nothing else, you can feed the big words I’ve been using to the search and see what comes up.

as for my shoulder, i think my form is right, i never go below my shoulders for the presses, its just when i raise my shoulder up ( whatever that shoulder press motion is ) it just cracks…it cracks like 3-4 times per rep. i think theres something wrong with my shoulder, my right shoulder cracks lie that but my left one barely cracks.
thanks for the link by the way

As for your set/rep scheme, read: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_thibaudeau/things_that_dont_matter_much_thing_that_do

But I doubt anyone on a forum can help diagnose your shoulder. You should go to see a sports physician or possibly a chiropractor. Shoulders are a very very common point of injury in lifters, and problems should not be ignored.