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Training question

Hey all! I’m new to this forum and was looking for some advice, does anyone here have any input on a regimen to help me with my mma training? I hopefully have a fight coming up in quebec in the next couple of months so i would appreciate any input anyone has to give.

One thing that I have seen done with wrestlers (and you are in a similar boat) is to use a circuit of 3-4 strongman exercises or “odd lifts” to increase both your functional strength and your anaerobic endurance. As a former wresler, and having played with various grapping arts, I can say that this will enhance your abilities greatly. Charles Staley’s “convergent phase training” is also very applicable.

thanks a lot, where can i get this info?

btw love the sigmasson quote!


Try the search engine for the articles, etc.

You can find Staley’s article somewhere on t-mag. I was published back in 2001 sometime. As for the strongman circuit, you can just pick any 3-4 exercises you feel are appropriate.

Glad you like the qoute. I am suprised anyone knew who said it!

Found the article, pretty interesting.
Of couse I know who said that quote, I do strongman myself, I placed 5th in the atlantic canada strongman comp 2 years ago, i’ve also done a lot of highland games. Now i’m going to throw my hat into the K-1 and MMA world. Btw, kind of ironic how poor sigmasson died isn’t it?

Very cool. Yes, that qoute is very ironic