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Training question

I lift at 5:30am, right when the club opens. I then work all day and try to get to bed around 9:30-10:30pm. Currently, I just wake up and go straight to the gym and workout. I come home and drink a huge MRP shake and eat some fruit. I was wondering if I should eat before I go to the gym to lift or is an empty stomach ok?

You’ll probably have a better workout with some food in your stomach. I know I do. Try a light meal when you wake up like half an MRP in water. It’ll absorb fast and get you fueled up. I just don’t believe in training (cardio or resistance) in a fasted state. At least not without some “outside help”.

I have the same routine… I just drink a shake while working out… this is fine except for leg day when it sometimes makes me feel a little “queezy”!

That is pretty much my routine as well, morning workout on an empty stomach. Although, I usually eat or drink something during the night, 1-2 am. I’ve tried to drink a light shake in the morning, but just do not feel comfortable doing it. I have much better workouts on an empty stomach. May not be ‘optimal’, but it’s about my only choice, and it’s worked for me so far, so I don’t worry about it too much.