Training Question for Nate Dogg

Hey Nate,

Got a question for you. I bought The New Rules of Lifting yesterday and just finished reading it. If you look at page 209, the Break-In workout, which two exercises is Alwyn saying to superset?

The squat and lunge? Or the lunge and row? I think its the former, not the latter but…

I’m not sure because if you check out the sample log on pg 204, the direction to superset is above the 2 exercises that are to be supersetted. But its different on pg 209.

In the Break-In program, you don’t superset the first exercise on either the A or B day (squats and deadlifts). You just do the squats for both sets of 15 with 60 seconds of rest. After that, you superset the rest of the exercises. Same on the B day. :wink: