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training programs

Can anyone recommend any good training programs for a foundation (AA phase, I’m doing a circuit based routine right now, I know), I want to switch things up right now since I’m dieting (t-dawg 2.0). Any advice or a persons experience with a program would be great.


German Body Composition in ‘Bowlful of Jelly’.

do any of you people actually read the mag?

Yes I do read the mag, I’m just wondering what programs people have done here and trying to change things up as I mentioned.

Just out curosity has anyone done ovt program by CT? What type of results did you see and were you dieting at the same time? Thank You

i dont understand. “has anyone used ovt?” of course! hundreds of people have. do a search!

I’m sorry if I’m being rude, I searched the forums as you suggested and found some good info. I’m justing seeking info about solid programs geared for a foundation phase.