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Training Programs


I've been posting the Oly lifting log for a while now, but even looking specifically for what people are doing is difficult. I am curious what training programs people are doing, what they based them on/who they got them from, and how they like them.

Also, if you could post your max lifts and bodyweight it would be helpful to tell where you are in training (beginner, intermediate).

I will start, this is what I did for about 9 weeks, and have to make a new program based around issues at the gym I lift at. This was coming off an ankle sprain, so I honestly don't know my exact progress, but I set PRs throughout, so I imagine if I hadn't been hurt I would have even better results. Based off a template on Pendlay.com for beginner Olympic lifters.

Snatch or hang snatch (alternating)
hang clean or clean and jerk (alternating)
bench press
back squat

hang snatch or snatch (alternating)
clean and jerk or hang clean (alternating)
front squat

snatch or hang snatch (alt)
hang clean or clean and jerk (alt)
some type of press (usually single arm dumbbell press, pretty light)
back squat

weighted pullups

Usually did squats and front squats for sets of 3, ramping to a few top sets.
Snatches and Clean and Jerks were usually done to a max single for the day.
Hang lifts were usually done for 2 or 3 at about 85% of the max full lift.

Bodyweight: ~85 kg
Snatch: 90 kg
Clean and Jerk: 120 kg
Front Squat: 137 kg
Back Squat: 150 kg
Deadlift: 197 kg
Press: 75 kg

I really liked this program because I was going really heavy (for me at least) every time I lifted, for low reps, for not that many sets, which is what I enjoy. I'm not competing at the moment, and so for me keeping it interesting is of large importance.

Curious what other people are working with.


I do Mike's Gym. Mainly because it's very accessible, keeps me interested, and I don't have to think about jack shit. At my level, I think anything would work.

BW: 105
Lifts: 115/140


Interesting. Do you lift every day? What happens if you miss one of their workouts?


5x a week. if i miss a workout, i just do it the next day. i'm like a month behind, lol.


I am a 40 year old 105kg lifter with one year Olympic lifting experience.

My best lifts to date:
SNATCH - 81 (comp on bad wrist) 85 in gym many times
CLEAN&JERK - 101 (meet on bad wrist) 105 in gym (can clean 110 easily - just can't jerk it - yet)
SQUAT - 165 1 RM - 150 triple

Lifting schedule:
4x week - Monday/Tuesday/Thursday evening and Saturday AM.

As I am learning the lifts and have not reached s strength limit in the lift yet I spend the majority of my training doing the lifts.

Right now (almost recovered from my bad wrist which limited my overhead snatch):
MON/THUR: SNATCH and CLEAN/JERK to max (2/3 attempts) then back off snatch for 2 doubles and c/j for 2/3 singles then front squat a couple of doubles above clean max.

TUES: SNATCH warmups only then SQUAT (been doing 5x5 recently) then RACK JERKS for additional practice then a few pulls and pullups/abs.

SAT: SNATCH warmups then SQUAT (higher weight - using 1/2/2 rep ladders) then some heavy pulling.

Thinking of going to this:
- MON/THUR/SAT: SNATCH and CLEAN&JERK to max then back off sets (Bulgarian, Woddhouse, Duane Hansen style) then
FRONT SQUAT (one day do doubles/triples on Monday - no FS on Thursday - Saturday work up to a max FS).
Work more volume on Monday (maybe wave load/doubles/etc) and a more true max effort on Saturday.
Work heavy pulls every other Saturday.
-TUE: SQUAT, RDL, Push press, chins/pullups/abs.


So essentially you will never catch up, ever. ALways know what to do then I guess.


Seems like you do a lot more snatching than clean and jerking. Maybe I am reading it wrong though, but do you find your clean and jerk lacking due to this? I like to try and keep it even amounts for each but I don't really know what I am doing of course.


I didn't THINK I lifter more snatches that clean & jerk, but I could be wrong.
I do both full lifts MON.THUR. (used to be MON-THUR-SAT). TUE/SAT have recently been strength related workouts (avoid too much overhead catching on my bad right wrist).

I dont' intend to do more snatch work but I find they are GREAT warm ups for my squat day!
I only use my snatch warm up progression on Tuesday/Friday to warm up for my squatting (bar work - maybe a few doubles/triples with my first two weights - 40/50.

I do rack jerks on Tuesday as well to get the extra work needed there - maybe not enough.
Perhaps my clean gets less work but at this point (coach agrees) that my clean is good and well ahead of the jerk. I NEED to learn how to jerk consistently!

Thanks for reading and caring enough to comment!


I do a lot more snatching right now because they need the most work, the weight is so light I can do them forever and clean and jerks exhaust me quickly, partly because I'm stronger in them. I'm going to trying and get more jerks in now though.

I don't have a program, but I probably should.


I tend to do whatever my coach puts in my program.


I see, I guess I didn't understand the "snatch warmup" before the squat, I figured it was the full lift. Looking back that makes more sense now. So it doesn't get that heavy, but it practices the motion and its a great full body lift.

Do you split jerk?


I SHOULD snatch more often than the c&j probably since my clean and jerk is well ahead of my snatch (90 vs 125) at least compared it where the internet says it should be (apparently I should be snatching about 100 kg, if not a bit more).

But if I did that I wouldn't get to go heavy with the clean and jerk and thats what really keeps me motivated. Nothing more fun in training to me than getting a really heavy weight above my head. And for me, a snatch won't do it.

Ive been considering what I want to do from here for the next month or two, and I think this is what I will go with: (not including assistance stuff like abs, back, ankle rehab stuff)

sets x reps x load

Snatch 3x2x90%
Clean and Jerk 3x2x90
Bench Press 3x5x85
Back Squat 4x3x90

Hang Snatch 3x3x85% (of full lift)
Hang Clean 3x3x85%
Rack Jerk 3-5x3x65-75%
Front Squat 4x3x90%

Snatch max single
Clean and Jerk max single
Dips 3x8
Back Squat 4x3x90%

Press 5x3
Deadlift 3x2 ramping


Yes - split jerk.


I was doin a mix of crossfitchesapeake.com oly lifting programming with 5/3/1 for the squats, however the owner of my gym baited me into a "westside for oly lifting" program which I follow at the moment. Even complete with box squats w/bands. Basically, 3 days a week, one DE day, 2 ME days, light olympic lifting and work capacity stuff in between. Max cleans and snatches of different kinds come up for the ME days along with a host of other stuff, lots of box jumping, lots of posterior chain and ab stuff. Should be fun to say the least I'll be documenting progress and pros cons as I go along.