Training Programs for Neuro Type 3

Hello Christian,

what training programs do you recommend for Neuro Typ 3? In the article you mentioned German Volume Training. But I am a natural lifter, so I dont think a 5 split programm is the right choice for me.

You often mentioned high frequency training is good for natural lifters. So I tried your Best Damn Workout for natural Lifters and it was fun. I became stronger and also built up a bit of muscle mass. But after a few weeks, I felt overwhelmed and tired. The doctor says everything is ok with me. I think I have problems with cortisol, wich is normal for Neuro Typ 3. I just cannot train 6 times a week.

Not CT (as if you couldn’t tell), but I think I am also a Type 3. At first, I thought his neuro-typping was BS (no offense meant here), but after finally looking at it more closely everything CT said about the type that matches me was true: I do better with less frequency, cannot do low carbs, and like routines with limited variety. Before knowing this, my favorite workouts were the 6 weeks to superhero, 915, and 531 templates. Before knowing this, I suffered through a couple tries of low carb diets.

I have done very well this past year on 3-days-a-week 531 templates. I still mentally fight wanting to do a high frequency program (which I’m considering right now short term as a change of pace), but I know invariably these run me down. I become uncompetitive in sports, a bit edgy and anxious in my personal life, and just don’t hold up well long term. Working out hard 3 times a week with big barbell lifts has gotten me stronger, but more importantly has me feeling good all the time. Of course, I still “exercise” 6 days a week, but with sports, yoga, jogging, biking, etc… to fill in the other three days. However, these are not programmed and done for fun.

That said, I would recommend trying a 531 template or something similar. No knock at all on CT’s programs, but 531’s seem conducive to the types you and I are.

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The article posted on T-nation is the early work on neurotyping. It has evolved at lot since then, especially the training recomendations. I have a video for each type on my website