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Training Program

My partner and I have started a new program that I thought I would share with everyone. It goes in 5 week cycles. The first 3 weeks are a “west side” style protocol, with an explosive and max effort bench day, as well as an explosive and max effort squat day. This 3 week phase is used to raise strength/explosiveness, as well as GPP. In addition we do cardio after every work out, but rotate between jumping rope, light dumbell snatches, farmer walks, and things of this nature. The following 2 weeks are a “hypertrophy” style protocol where will we use this time to recover from the max effort work, as well as bring lagging body parts up to speed. After all, what good is being strong if you are imbalanced and don’t look good? We will use a 311 tempo on all movements, increasing the Time Under Tension. Cardio will be continued as described above. Next week will be the 1st week of the hypertrophy phase, and so far both of our strength has gone up in just 3 short weeks. Diet is clean, no supplements right now, but I am planning on Mag10 and methoxy-7 for the beginning of the next training cycle. Just thought I’d share. I will keep you posted on our progress! I’m done.

What is your eventual goal…I’m talking a few months down the road? Sounds like you’ve got a plan in place, so that’s better than most people, but make sure that you also have a definite goal that you want to reach. That way we can help analyze your methods for reaching that goal…good luck!

I have several goals for both strength and my physique. Bench goal: 400lbs. Squat goal: 400lbs. Dead lift goal: 500lbs. I am shooting for 195lbs 8-9% bf. These goals are a little lofty, but they are something to shoot for. Bench now is approximately 335, Squat 300, Dead lift 450. I know, my squat sucks, I am just not very good at it. Also, I am currently 185lbs at about 10%bf. I am shooting for the beginning of June with my goals.

311 is not a good tempo for hypertrophy. 113 would be a great improvement.

I’d prioritze Squat/DL ME work over Bench ME. You seem to have a nasty little imbalance going on there. Unless you are recovering from an injury, there really isn’t a reason you should be benching as much or more than you squat.

MyoTrainer: Maybe I’m misguided, is there a reason a slow eccentric doesn’t work for hypertophy?

Damn autocomplete, wrong name in the last post, etc.

I think you need to do some reading there. For hypertrophy training it is essential to increase the TIME UNDER TENSION during the eccentric phase. As for the Tempo numbers, you may have them backwards. Go to frequently asked questions right here at t-mag to clear up your confusion. As for Rob Fischer I understand that my squat is not my strong point, but I see no need to stop trying to increase my bench just so the numbers sound better. Our work out is designed to focus on ME bench and ME squat on seperate days. That is all.

Sorry if i came accross suggesting that you should stop training your bench. What i meant by prioritize is do ME Squat work first in the week.

Oops, sorry, my bad. 3 on the eccentric phase is great; I thought you meant three for concentric. Keep us posted on your results!

I see…I actually thought about that after I submitted the post…sorry. My partner and I do prioritize ME Squat by performing it the first day of the week. It is a weak area for the both of us. Hopefully the addition of the Reverse Hyper machine at my new gym will help increase my poundages. Thanks for the suggestions.