Training Program

Hi everyone! Having just joined, I’m still getting to know my way around here. I wonder what workout routines/training programs everyone is following? Are you taking supps? If so, which ones?

About me: I just started T therapy a couple weeks ago after a blood test revealed a reason I wasn’t gaining strength or muscle: low T. As the days have turned into weeks, I’m getting my mojo back & have what I remembered as being a really great program I paid for from a private trainer. I’m looking forward to getting back into it slowly. I was running a lot (7-10 miles daily) in addition to lifting but in losing my energy level & love for fitness, I cut back to a “lively” walk of 4 miles a day.

I was in a bad car accident a couple years ago (hit head on by a DD) which gave me a bulged disk in my neck & my husband a slipped disk in his low back. Pushups/planks are pretty much out for me (at least for now) but I think I can do band pull downs. Eager to get back to it, I’ll have to remind myself to move slow. Slow & steady wins the race, & this is a marathon not a sprint, right? :wink: Just curious as to what everyone else is currently doing to stay on track.

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I just logged back on cuz was going to see what’s up. Already said welcome. Wow that’s a toughie to come back from. Right now I’m working on not seeking validity and have been working on self. Some great people here helped me realize I wasn’t on right path. Guys and gals. I realize that you really have to be strong within or all the muscle in the world can’t protect you from emotional pain. As I said I’ve been going for walks with dogs instead of my intense cardio. I still lift cuz I love getting stronger. I’m a recovering anorexic and am now 125. I don’t say that for empathy but to admit I’m a flawed person, and have never been content in my own skin, stubborn and defensive. That’s no way to live life and do self- destructive things. I tossed the scale last month but was weighed at dr appt. my goals are to build inner and outer strength based on observing other posts and “just” occasionally post because I want to heal and learn what a real person with power does to achieve their goals. I don’t want to continue chasing my tail…I’ve filled that void inside with the unconditional love f my dogs and the fact that I have chosen to fight for a better life. You sound cool. Hope some of the experienced and strong men and women respond to you!