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wow, i’ve been checking out this site and at every click i find more and more work-out plans. the problem is, its overwhelming. i have no diea where to start, or which oen to trust in. im intrested in gaining muscle, and especially getting stronger, but w/o sacrificing my speed. can you guys recomend me your prefered workout plans presented on this site so i can check them out and pick one. as is, i have no idea where to start

Hello Victor, and welcome to the wonderful world of T-Mag. Seeing as how no one has replied at this time, it falls squarely upon my shoulder to indoctrinate you into the Testosterone lifestlye.

T-Mag may be confusing at first, because you aren’t really sure where to start or what you want out of the site. That said, you’ve obviously found quite a bit on your own. So here’s the lowdown.

Even more important than what workout you do, is how you eat. If you want to gain muscle, or if you want to loose fat, the number one factor that will decide if you succeed or fail is your diet. T-Mag doesn’t have any real “Newbie Friendly” diets, so I guess you need to jump right in. Read Massive Eating Part I and Part II by John Berardi. This diet outlines everything you need to do to get bigger. The only problem with this, or really any bodybuilder’s diet is that you will gain some fat along with your muscle. That’s Ok!

In terms of a workout, a while ago Testosterone Assitant Editor, Chris Shugart, wrote the Beginner’s Blast-Off Program. This should provide you with everything you need to get started. If you are training to become a better athlete, i suggest you look into Renegade Training or anything by Coach John Davies.

During your first few months you will see tremendous gains as long as you eat right and train hard. What does this mean?

In terms of eating, make sure you get a lot of protein, at least 1 gram for every pound of bodyweight. Don’t eat junkfood, don’t drink soda, avoid fried foods and get lots of water. Concentrate on getting your protein from lean sources like beef, poultry, and fish. A MRP or Protein powder is fine too. Get your carbohydrates from things like oatmeal and whole-weat bread, for the most part potatos and rice are good too. Avoid saturated fat, but don’t be afraid of healthy fats.

In terms of training, train hard and consistently. Don’t skip workouts and train all your bodyparts, not just chest and biceps. Use big compound movements like the Squat, Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift, Squat, Military Press, Squat, Pull-Ups, Squat, Dips and Squats.

Log your progress! Buy a notebook or legal pad or whatever. Write down what you eat and how you train. As you progress this will be invalulable in showing you what works for you and what doesn’t.

Allow me to introduce you to the newbie’s best friend, the search engine. Ordinarilly i would provide links to all the articles i mentioned, by in order to help you on your way, I’ll let you look 'em up. Go to the testosterone main page to find the search engine. Yeah, Yeah, I know I’m a great guy. If there is something you don’t understand about a program, use the Forum Search Engine to your left and search for old posts about it. If you can’t find anything, then by all means post your question.

I hope this helps, and wish you luck on your journey to becoming a bona-fide T-Man.

I don’t know if you know, that this is also an on-line mag. also. Check out the article “The Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program Break the “Rules” and Gain Real Muscle!” by Chad Waterbury, I thinks that’s a great place to start.

There was a thread a while back called “Best Training Programs Ever”. A search will bring it up. Of course, many new programs have been published since then, but that thread will get you started. As will the FAQ section.

This is something that has been bothering me for a while now. Don’t you have to go THROUGH THE MAGAZINE to get to the forum? (I know you could type “http://www.t-mag.com/ nation_javaforum/ new_train.html” but i don’t think it has it’s own domain_)

If so, why should we be so polite about “read the damn magazine”? Should there be any doubt they saw it? I can sympathize with someone who doesn’t know where to start, but there is no excuse for someone who is ignorant and too damn lazy to do the work to correct it.

This has nothing to do with you, but all too often there are posts like “did you see the magazine” or “did you see the search engine”. I know people don’t want to be seen as mean or trolls, but if the person in question has the intelligence to find out how to post, they should know what a search box is.

Maybe i’m an asshole, who knows. I just don’t like coddling people. Testosterone could be easier to navigate, but not much. The last place that had this problem remoddled their site to reflect the layout and navigation structure of nickelodeon.com

hey rob, your right, maybe you are an asshole. i do not need anyone “coddling” me. i have done significant research on this site, and have read tons of plans, but i am not so arrogant as to assume i can know best. i ask those who know more then me for a few of their favorite plans to help guide my search through the tons of plans i have found on this excelent site. i am not a bodybuilder, but have been in grappling sports for quite some time. if you were to ask me for some of my prefered techniques, i would be glad to give you a few hints to help guide your progress. i would not be so ill-mannered as to throw soem books at you and say “shut up and read”. on a side note, thank you very much to the others who have been kind enough to offer a 19 yr old eager to learn more about strength training some very much appreciated help.

Victor, you can include me in your asshole list too (as well as many others). The reason you get this response is that the answer to your question (and many, many others) is already in the mag and forum. You just have to look for it.

Now on to my grandfatherly speech. Back in the day when I started this whole weight-training thing, there wasn’t the internet. We read, experimented, and figured out what worked for ourselves. Sometimes we’d take the advice of others. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was bad, so we didn’t rely on anybody for our own knowledge. The point is that you can get all the advice you want from others, but YOU need to figure what’s best for you.

Victor, don’t be so sensitive. If you don’t want us to assume that you’re lazy, be more clear as to what you’ve already researched in your future posts. Otherwise, many here will assume that you haven’t done your homework.

Also, you might get a better response by selecting 3 or so training programs that you’re interested in and asking for feedback specifically on them.

Good luck!

Hey Victor, did you happen to see that book that Rob wrote you (the first reply on this thread)? He was trying to help… and I thought he did a damn fine job, too. Your initial post made reference to you “checking out this site”. To me, and I imagine Rob too, that sounds like you just “dropped by” and started surfing around. Since you didn’t provide any more specific info than that, I don’t think you should be coming down on Rob just because he made that assumption. If you’ve read the different mass gaining articles here, then perhaps you should pick a couple and do searches on them on the forum to see what people’s results have been; THEN come back and ask questions if they aren’t answered there. If you show a little appreciation, rather than calling someone an “asshole”, you’ll find the others here are a lot more willing to help you out when you need it.

Victor, did you notice the first reply? You know, the one i took ten minutes out of my day to write. The one that gave you articles to read, tips to follow, and basically outlined much of what you need to do to get big and strong?

The second post wasn’t to you. It read “Rob Fischer to fitone” which generally implies that I had a question or comment for fitone.

Hell i specifically threw in a clause that i thought might make you realize i wasn’t talking about you. “I don’t have a problem when people don’t know where to start but…”

The reason for the second post, which even included the phrase “This isn’t anything about you but…” was addressing my concern for the growing attitude of “They just didn’t see it” among some of the Intermediate to Veteran posters. I wanted to know if there really was a chance they didn’t see it, and if not why the hell everyone assumes that.

I guess from now on I’ll leave helping newbies with long and drawn out polite explanations to Tampa Terry. I’ll just continue to post links to articles people could have read if they used a search engine. Enjoy.

oh damn! rob, my sincere apologies, i didn’t notice you had written the same first post as well. i do apologize, and, as i added on my previosu post, extend my thanks to you for the first post. in answer to the others posts: i am not lazy, and have researched quite a bit on this site over the past week or so. the problem is that i have seen many many many programs that in a sense contradict each other, and this volume is at times overwhelming. i understand that each person’s physiology is quite diffrent, and this can explain much of the diffrences, but i wanted to ask the veterans if they had 2 or 3 prefered plans which i could use to guide my start. yet again thanks to all for their help

Victor, you’ve redeemed yourself with that last post. Nice job. (And I hope Rob continues to post his very helpful stuff, as it makes the T/N forum a better place for all concerned.)

As for your question, the short answer is that none of us here can really help you. If you do a search here on the forum (not on T-Mag itself), you’ll find a lot of feedback on every single program/diet that T-Mag has ever published (excepting the ones that are so new no one’s tried them yet). I understand that you want some help in separating the wheat from the chaff, but since there’s so much individual variation in how one responds to a program it wouldn’t help you anyway.

If you doubt this, just look at the responses for HST. Some veteran lifters (John Roman, Restless, Avoids Roids) love it, others (myself, Nate Dogg, Apollo) hate it. What’s the critical factor? No one knows. So it won’t really help you to know what I or anyone else thinks about a given program. You’ve gotta experiment for yourself.

Hope that helps. And to DocT: You know it’s bad when 26-year-olds are giving out grandfatherly advice. LOL!

Aww shucks, now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Or maybe that was just the Surge trying to come up.

Victor, no hard feelings. Good Luck, etc. And let us know how you progress.

As rob so eloquently stated diet is almost everything. So start a food log (fitday.com) to keep track of your maro breakdowns and Try a diet like Massive Eating and look maybee toward olympic style lifts. Like Meltdown II or something by Christian T.