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Training Program With Carbolin 19?

Hello, this is my frist post here so please be nice for me :wink:

I have started to be interested in bodybuilding at the age of 37. After several years without nearly any physical activity I’ve decided that it is the highest time to get in better shape. Fortunately I have never been obese, maybe thanks to my “career” as a long distance runner in the past. Anyway, when I started to think that pumping iron might be something I might enjoy I was 6,3 feet tall, 160 lbs at around 18% of bodyfat.

The begining, I tell you, was patethic - I have purchased a pair of dumbbells and I have started to do the most weird things you could imagine with them. In the same time I started to browse various internet sites to learn about exercises, cardio, nutrition, etc. As you can imagine, each new site, each new information seemed to me to be better than the previous one, so I was changing training routines pretty often and I was still doing weird things, however to less extend.

The most clear part for me was nutrition (since I had pretty good background in biology) and that part of the puzzle I can consider as solved. The biggest confusion however always was and still is training. I do not have ambitions to become neither powerlifter nor to compete in any bodybuilding events. All I want is to be healthy, in a good shape, bit stronger than an average and to look good for my age.

Three years have passed and mostly by trial and error I have reached 178 lbs at 12% of bodyfat. Not really impressive, I know that. My strength has doubled or tripled (depending on the lift), but that only confirms how weak I was when I was starting. I currently bench 200 lbs, squat and dl are around 300 lbs although I do not really try to beat my PR in this two lifts since I train at home with no spotter (but I bench and squat in power rack, lesson learned).

So, what is this post all about you might ask? Well, I have just started to read T-Nation and I have found amazing number of excellent articles on various training routines. I particularily enjoyed Hybrid Hypertrophy and The Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program by Chad Waterbury and Westside for Skinny Bastards by Joe DeFranco to name a few.

I’m about to try Carbolin 19, first anabolic supplement apart from creatine I have ever tried. I would appreciate your advise on the training program to follow while taking advantage of the first attempt to use Carbolin 19. Taking into account the background I have presented above, which training program published on T-Nation would you recommend?

Or shall I maybe better shut up and squat?

Many thanks and apologies for any language miskates I have made.

Here is a really great post that help get you in the right direction.


Also, you might want to check out this book: Scrawny to Brawny by Dr. John Berardi and Michael Mejia. Its full of great info. and geared to people like you.


Carbolin 19 is great! I have been using it since it was announced and its pretty cool. You might want to get everything (diet, exercise etc.) in order before taking supplements. Supplements are great (especially Biotest) but there is no magic pill. Keep reading and working out!

I asked a similar question to CW about the right training routine for Carbolin 19 and he recommended starting with the ABBH routine(Surprise!)


[quote]obiwanheifner wrote:
I asked a similar question to CW about the right training routine for Carbolin 19 and he recommended starting with the ABBH routine(Surprise!) [/quote]

Many thanks - in the meantime I have pm’d CW and I have got the same reply - ABBH followed by TBT, then the Waterbury method. I’ll follow that advice.

Sounds good. Keep us posted on your progress.