Training Program - Opinion?

Im 26 years old, im training about 2years.
For last few months, i’ve been training by CW 25 method with some differences.
Now im designing a new training plan, and i’ll be glad to see your opinion about it.
It seems to be very hard…

Now, here it is

  • 1st day
    chin up
    bench press
  • 2nd day
    front squat
    military press
    3 - relax
  • 4-th day
    bench press
    optional -reverse curl
  • 5th day (if im still alive)
    Front squat
    pull up
    incline bench press
    optional - Bent Over Dumbbell Rear Delt Raise - 2sets
  • 6th day - OFF
  • 7th day - light day
    Military press
  • deadlift or not
    bench - close grip for triceps
    biceps curl
  • DB raise for side delt

Sets/reps - 3x5, 5x3, and for isolation exercises - 2-3x10

Primary goal - strength.
I guess its too much?
I mean, all these deadlift and squating?
And is it nice to combine deadlift and squat variation in a workout?

The idea for that program is coming from some strength training like big tree - squat, deadL, bench everyday with 1 and 2 reps.

too much, just do rippetoes.

best answer ever

Yep, may be its the easiest answer.
Its very popular here, but that doesnt mean, its the best.
High frequency is one of the goals, Rippetoe workout is not offering it.
3x fullbody workouts weekly with good strenght progress is tested for me - it works(my deadlift become 50% increase for a few months - still its very low)
Here, where i am, weightlifters are training almost everyday with very low reps, including singles , and they are doing well, i mean - very well.
And i would like to try it, with some of CW options, like chin-ups and etc multijoint exercises.
Im concerned about the DL and SQUAT in one workout, my concern is about possible injuries.

If i feel, that i cant train after the day 1, i’ll rest of course.

[quote]zephead4747 wrote:
too much, just do rippetoes.[/quote]

DOUBLE ditto…

You are deadlifting 4-5 times a week? Have fun with that.

Just because 5-7 days a week training is popular near you does not mean its ideal (using your logic against Ripptoe’s: “Its very popular here, but that doesnt mean, its the best.” )

Our opinions here are universal. Start with a more basic program and add exercises if you see fit, make small modifications. With 2 years experience you should have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Something tells me that if people are doing heavy singles every day, on the same exercises, that they are NOT recovering enough. I mean seriously, who pulls heavy deadlift singles/doubles 5 days a week? It takes days for your CNS to recover from that, let alone your muscles involved.

Ok, guys :slight_smile:
Thanks for the answers and advices.
And i think that so many DL is really too much for the week, even with low volume. But, you know - i have to ask! :slight_smile:
Im going back to my ‘traditional’ 25+ Method, maybe i’ll change the sets/rep scheme again.

For DL and SQUAT in same workout - i just try it(a 1/2 hour ago). Even with light injury in my lower back, i managed to do it with no problems.(Hard to breathe)
Then i pull up and dip for 3x5 weighted and im Ok.
After the “deadsquat” session i felt like i am finished. No ambicion for any other exercises!
It was good for preparation workout - i was
resting a few days…due to samo other engagement.

But it was a nice try, so can use it!

Thanks again. :slight_smile: