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Training Program for Study Abroad?


Starting in September I will be in France for 4 months on a study abroad program with my university. Throughout the semester, I'll be traveling to some of the surrounding countries, as well as exploring Paris and the surrounding area as often as I can. Needless to say, I don't really want to spend a large portion of my time in the gym while I'm abroad, but with the bodybuilding mindset firmly planted in my head, I can't just allow myself to wallow in inactivity for such a long time.

I've been training for about a year and a half, so I am firmly past the beginner gains, but I wanted to get an opinion for some programs I can do while abroad that don't take up too much time. Hopefully, it will be something short and to the point, and only a couple of days a week. I understand I probably won't be gaining too much muscle in this period, but the goal is to not gain too much fat either.

What programs have worked for you when you are stretched for time, or you have other focuses in your life?



You can't find a gym? I understand that you don't want to be spending much time in the gym when you're in Paris, but there is no need to devote large amounts of time either. Besides, you'll be pretty active outside the gym too :wink:

I suggest finding a gym and doing 2 total body sessions a week, with 10-15 minutes of a high intensity cardio at the end of each session. Yes, I said total body workouts. Some wouldn't agree, but when you wanna minimize gym time, they are great for that.

The cardio will help keep your conditioning levels high, but it must be INTENSE. You'll get plenty of steady state cardio from walking. In fact, if you find your active all day long every day, then I would just eliminate the high intensity cardio all together.


A gym will be no problem, since the school I'll be attending will have one readily accessible, and I don't mind going at all, I just find that my cultural side could use some more conditioning.

Do you have a specific outline for a good total body workout, or possibly an article I could look at?

I will probably do high intensity cardio, because I'll probably need to reverse all of the "activity" I'll be partaking in outside of the gym.


Will you be based in the one area and doing day trips to certain places or will you constantly be travelling around?

If the former, just find a gym close by and spend an hour a day 3 or 4 days a week. Making use of supersets would be an idea, as was said i think in the previous post the amount of activity exploring places like that will account for a good deal of low intensity cardio, so you'll be pretty much sorted in that department.

But the number one thing ppl neglect when abroad is diet. Depending on your cooking facilites abroad try to maintain what you are eating at home, with the addition of shakes and bars to make life easier when on the move all the time.


I'll be at a school in Paris with a gym, so I should have a home base from which to work.

As for diet, I think I am going to bring BCAA's and Leucine with me to supplement my eating habits. Is there anything else you think I should bring? I won't have a kitchen to cook, but I think there is a cafeteria that I can steal food from.


Hey guys, I wanna look all swole, but don't really want to do any work.

I mean don't get me wrong, I'm 100% fucking into being a bodybuilder, but I don't want to go to the gym. I mean, I have a life and job, kids and friends. I have way more friends than you. I like drinking beer too much, and penis, god I love penis.

So... How do I get swole without actually doing any work, because I LOVE THIS, but I'm not willing to put any effort into it.

This board is a troll magnet... Is the rest of the internet this overrun with idiots? Or does the concept of weightlifting and self improvement hold some special place in people's heart?


Sense when is less than 10 fucking hours a week an inconvenience and something that prevents you from enjoying France?

This thread should be deleted and buried in the depths of vaginaville.


I think you misquoted me a couple of times, but it might have been my mistake if I put anything too ambiguous. To clarify, I'm not looking to get ripped or put on any size in that 4 months I'm abroad. I'm looking to stay in the same shape I am, and still keep my health up. I understand that without dedication I'm not going anywhere with my training, but that's okay with me for that time period. I'm still young, and if I wanted to go to the gym all week besides going to school, I would stay at home, rather than paying 20,000 dollars to workout somewhere else.

Anyways, sorry for my pitiful attempt at trolling, which I'm sure you based off the fact that this is my first post. I just joined, I've been reading articles for a while, and I've seen enough complaints about finding what I'm looking for before I ask, so I did. Now I've run into a question that I couldn't find a forum for.

On one last note, do you happen to have any good suggestions?


i'm going to agree with counting beans. what's wrong with spending 40-60min a day hitting the weights 5x a week?


...or do a 2-way, mon-wed-fri, which would take maybe a little over an hour each session.


Oh I don't know... because you've got a once in a lifetime chance to explore a foreign country without paying out the ass for it?

Fuck the gym. Go enjoy your trip, get drunk, bang French chicks, and see some incredible history.

If you're lifting more than two times a week while all that shit is around you, you are a horse's ass. Experience life.


Dude, do 5/3/1 set up for training 3 days a week, set your percentages low, and then don't worry about it. You're going to fucking France! Eat shit tons of delicious food, train hard for about an hour 3x a week, and chase French chicks!

The beautiful thing about 5/3/1 is it's versatility. The same program can be used for fat loss, "training to maintain" (which is what it sounds like you are interested in), or mass and strength gain. Check out the e-book, Jim has some very good abbreviated training templates in there.


WTF is this shit?

How does 5-10 hours a week ruin France for you?

You have to be trolling.

My advice: stop being a lazy piece of shit looking for a bunch of e-people to validate your lack of desire. It is okay, self improvement is not for everyone. Just don't come here, and expect people to coddle you and lick your nuts for you when you can't be bothered to not be a jackass.

Your first post basically said "I found the perfect excuse to stop lifting because I don't really want to, help me justify it guys. I don't want to feel too guilty." Dude if you don't want to lift, don't. You don't need an elaborate plan and internet forums. Just stay the fuck on the couch.


Not much, but he did suggest that I spend 10 hours a week, which is 2-3 times more than you suggest. I have school only Tuesday through Thursday while I'm there, and that means my four day weekends will most likely be spent traveling around. I'm also pretty sure that many of the trains I'll be riding and the rural towns I'll be visiting won't have gyms readily accessible for me to get my exercise fix. So, I won't have access to a gym 5 times a week, so I need something flexible to work with. I've only been doing programs, and a year can pass quickly without learning about too many, so I was looking for help.


Have you heard chicks with French accents? I would have a hard time going to the gym at all.


Do you know how many hours are in a day? As long as he doesn't have to find a job while he's over there he'll have plenty of time for all of this, school, and the gym.

4 hours a week of gym time is not a huge commitment. Chances are he'll spend more time than that watching TV (most everyone else does).


That's what I would shoot for.


And besides, being in good shape is only going to land you more hot French chicks (who may or may not shave their armpits and use deoderant).


It's pretty convenient then that the newest article is about 5/3/1 :slightly_smiling:

Now, since the article didn't explain how to do the four lifts in a 3 times a week format, how would you split it up?


Because lifting is a chore for you?

I don't get it. How the fuck does

stop you from doing everything you said?

I don't understand how there is a problem here.