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Training Program For Strength


Monday :
Bench press 70-80% of 7rm 4x5
Bicep barbell curl 10RM 7x5
Hang clean 80% of 1RM 3x3
Ab exercise (situps , hanging knee ups)
Push ups to failure.

Thursday :
Cardio / soccer training day

Wednesday :
Deadlift 100% off the weights I got home 72kg 4x5
Pull ups / chin ups 2 sets to failure
push press (leg helping) 70-80% of 1RM 4x4
Ab exercise
Push ups, 80% of max reps

Thursday :
Cardio / soccer day
posture work

Friday :
bench press 50% of 1 rm 3x10
upright rows 50% of 1 rm 3x15

Saturday :

Sunday :
Grip work
Pinch weights between fingers
reverse curls
Abs exersice
Posture work


Yup looks like a training program of sorts.

What are you looking for from us??

Your Goals etc...??


Hwat exactly is it that you want?


oh shit, I forgot the other text, my bad. thought for sure I had it .

hum, well.

I dont have to much equipment and I just wondered if this is okay to do these workouts for a while. I dont have to much rest and I also have 3 soccer trainings each week.

I just want to build some strenght with this program, mass isnt wrong but mainly strenght.

Sorry for my stupidness.


yes look ok but with the amount of endurance work your doing I would do all you can to Lift HEAVY on at least the lower body. Aim to gain/preserve strength. with limited equip that may mean getting creative in exercise choices one legged squats and DL'd lunges etc. Putting you in less advantage and making light load HEAVY.

That and on the presses. 70% of your 7RM that is not weight training, I wouldnt go much below 70% of your 1RM very often if your looking to get stronger.


thanks for the pointers but I made a mistake , it shoud be 70-80% of 1 RM .

Gotta read through evrything next tiem since it seems like I?ve fucked up alot.