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Training Program for Highland Games


I am no way affiliated with the author other than this morning bought his training lab program...great stuff!! endorsed by Wendler(he writes the forwrd)...real good thought out program..I no longer compete in the highland games but train a few that do...wish this book was around when I was competeing.....go to nasgaweb.com and look under Matt Vincent's training lab...real good stuff


I'm doing one in June, will check this out! Thanks


real good price too! and if you use the code on nasgaweb thread you get 2 bucks off-isn't that like 20 canadian..(hahaha jk)


Hey Dwood, I'm looking through the NASGA site but can't find the book, could you post a link to it? Thanks


Here you go:





HG Thrower, any specific gym exercises you would recommend while I wait for my book to arrive? I would think that rotational power would play a big part in the throwing events, so I've been doing some heavy landmine exercises. I also seem to recall that I've heard a few Highland Games competitors recommending Zercher squats, have you found these beneficial?



I work the Zercher squats in every now and then. I've definitely been prioritizing rotational work because hammers are a weak point for me.
Personally, I try to do an upper day, a lower day, and an explosion day weekly, plus at least 1-2 throwing sessions. Upper and lower day I work on one max effort exercise and follow up with assistance work, including 100+ total reps of various core work. Explosion day I do one oly variation (always from the hang, power catch), and a variety of plyos/jumps. I think Matt organizes things differently in the book, with strength blocks and speed blocks. I'm probably going to buy it eventually too to get another perspective.


Thanks HG, appreciate the advice!

I'm hooking up with a local group of throwers in a couple weeks, it'll be great to have actual implements to practice with