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Training Program for Fat Loss

hi everyone I just started doig EDT training while on the t-dawg diet its kind of tough but I am sticking to it. Recently my brother has mentioned how he would like to train with me but, when he did EDT and cardio while on the t-dawg diet he ended up eating more then he had to, he said he was just hungry. I was surprised because I do the same thing and I feel fine for the most part.

My question is does any one have any opinions on what training program he should do to lose fat while on the t-dawg. Would TBT be better he like to to cardio?

Anything he will stick to and enjoy. EDT, TBT, etc.

He’s dieting to lose weight no matter the program there are going to be times your hungry Your trying to lose weight.

thanks…I think he is worried about his metabolism stalling because he runs 30 min on lifting days and about 45 min on non-lift days on top of that he id doing EDT while on the t-dawg 2.0 does it seem like to much work?