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Training Program for 50+ Year Old Mum?

Been training with my mum recently and looking for something that she can start running consistently with a strength focus and conditioning/ cardio to help her lose weight (currently 90+kg).

She’s currently been running 5x5 on the main lifts and is up to 20kg Press, 60kg Dead, 30kg Bench and a 35kg Squat. Some light fluff assistance with band or DB work and cardio is rowing on the Concept 2, dog walking for an hour a day and cycling also.

Can’t find any good programs that she would want to run consistently so if anyone could recommend something or any advice would be appreciated.

Make sure she doesn’t over do it. Big part will be injury prevention . Modify anything that is causing unnecessary joint strain.


Good ideas here…

If her form is very solid, these are great for the rower…

(+stretch hard afterwards!)
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How tall is mum?


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I like this because it is a complete program. Easy to understand.

Most 50+ year old women are not as hardcore as you chicken.

I’m also trying to build a base of fitness and strength and I’m looking at programs like Krypteia Redux with lots of basic bodyweight movements, prowler pushes or other loaded Carrie’s, kettlebells etc.

Something you wouldn’t run. For a while, very easy work, set of 15/20 when she could do 25/30 reps. Learn her to use and move her body. Like my mom couldn’t squat and all. been incorporation more and more complex exercises and harder rpe over time. She’s down 20 kgs now. For carido I mostly have her running, then some easy biking

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Those are the exact principles I use to program for my 45+ year-old clients. For them, a “hard” set probably only needs to be an RPE 5-6. I would also prioritise exercises that are easy to do properly and hard to do poorly such as:

  • goblet squat
  • hack squat
  • hip thrust
  • pull through
  • rdl
  • kettlebell deadlift
  • bench press with a straight or neutral-grip bar
  • incline pressing instead of overhead pressing
  • floor pressing
  • pulldowns
  • chest-supported rows
  • cable rows
  • machine rows
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We don’t know, mum might be hardcore.

She’s already hitting 5x5s. And she is old enough to know when she needs to adjust things. . Light weights 4 days a week and bw options for assistance. Can’t hit the widowmaker? Just break it up into sets. Can’t do 50 to 100 reps. Start with 3x5-10 and work your way up. Easy peasy


Age? Or training age?

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Both. She knows when shit hurts. Trust me.

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Thank you, going to her running ramping sets for since weight is too low for proper 5/3/1 progression and try to up the volume on assistance work mostly DB, Band and bodyweight until she can hit 50 reps across the board. She’s also keen on doing farmer walks after seeing your BW walk for a ridiculous distance. Thank you!

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This plus 1000.

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