Training Program Advice

Hey folks, first time poster here. Been using the site for a few years now and browsed forum occasionally but finally signed up now.

Just looking for a bit of advice as far as my training goes. I started training seriously with weights in Feb 2015 although I’d say the first year of that wasn’t really optimal and probably didn’t make that great progress. Over the last couple of years I’ve been doing PPL and then jumped on Joe DeFranco’s Strong Bastard 911. I’ve been doing this on and off about a year or so with decent results in strength gains when I get a good run at it (I work away a lot which can interfere with the gym working in small but busy gyms with minimal equipment when away).

My PBs are currently, 105kg bench (been a long slow struggle and still fairly weak), 170kg squat, 190kg Deadlift so I suppose I’d still be classed as a beginner or maybe intermediate if I’m lucky! Not sure if this is the best place to post this as I feel like I have more knowledge than a beginner but as my numbers show I’ve plenty room for improvement.

What I’m wondering is that with the numbers above would it be best to continue training as above or maybe go back to something more basic like strong lifts 5 x 5 for optimal results?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Stronglifts 5x5 will never be part of the plan if your goal is optimal results.

Joe DeFranco knows what he is doing. Follow him, or Jim Wendler or Chad Wesley Smith or any other decent coach and you will be good.


Thanks man. I think I’ll try and hit the DeFranco program hard again. Hopefully get a good run at it!

I’ve been checking DeFranco’s program and seems the best one out there.

His programs in general or SB911?

Have you tried SB911? Started week 1 day 1 again today, felt good getting back into it. Got all my training logs from the last time so good to gauge progress again.

Yeah the SB911. Great to hear you are feeling good getting back to it.