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Training Program Advice


have been on this forum for a while, reading and learning, and so far most of my questions have been answered without me having to post a question ( + there is alot more experienced lifters to comment on others' questions)

i am just looking for some feedback on my training regime:
age 20
weight 92kg
bodyfat not sure, around 15 id guess
height around 170cm
years training 5th year now

i train on a 2 days on, 1 day off routine, with 6 different workouts in every 9 day cycle
Day 1 chest & back #1
Day 2 shoulders
Day 3 off
Day 4 what i call power/speed/core workout
Day 5 chest back #2
Day 6 off
Day 7 Biceps n Triceps
Day 8 legs
Day 9 off

1.gone from 85kg fat at 16yrs old down to slim 60kg and bulked up to 92kg

  1. lacking calves and foreamrs so i work them out extra whenverf they feel fresh after arm and leg workouts accordingly

  2. i ve split my chest (decline and flat movements on 1, incline one 2) and back (horizontal movements on 1, vertical on 2) because i felt my arms are strained too much when i do eg. 1 full chest day

  3. i train in all rep ranges and intensity techniques byh changing things up based on how i feel that day

  4. full time student living alone in london most of the year so getting good food takes time and effort

  5. i like to train using bodybuilding and powerlifting principles as well as doing some work on agility and speed

i keep a detailed training log, so i can post actual exercises and reps/weights as well but dont want to bore u just yet, maybe if i get some feedback or specific advice on it first.

thank you for your time


Well first of all man looks like your doin ok so far (32kg nice)

Well the first two days, chest then shoulders?? Probably not enough recovert time

Only 1 Leg workout in 9 days??

What is in your Day 4 power workout?

Are you looking to gain size, get quicker, what?
You wrote that you want people to pick apart your program but we dont know what goal you're shooting for.


A couple of things. Its regimen, not REGIME thats a whole different issue for a different forum.

And you didn't really post a program, you just posted a split. I'd have the same questions as the guy above.

Why only 1 leg day in 9 days?

What is the power/core day?

You are probably better off using a "proven" split. (I think chest/back, legs, shoulders/arms is what people do but am not sure)

More important than anything though is that you are able to increase the weights you are lifting and get enough food.


for the first 2 days, i usually try and have day 1 workout am and day 2 pm, which gives me over 24hrs of rest. but even when that is not possible, i feel that i can target my chest and back accurately enough on day 1 for my shoulders to be in good condition the next day.... lifts do go up progressively which is a good sign, but you are right, i should conisder more recovery time.

at the moment my legs are developping faster than my upper body so i let them rest longer, and give them only 1 dedicated workout in the 9 day period.

the day 4 workout consists of lifts such as clean and press (additional leg activation) and kettlebell work for a full body workout.

i m training for size, strength and speed... in the order set.
strongman is what i would strive for but i do not have the resources to... i believe it would be ideal to have a big muscular built with good amounts of strength as well as speed mobility and agility


They can both be used to describe a fitness program.


i thought regime and regimen can be used interchangeably as well... not important thou

i ended up with this split after some thought i put into it... this way my arms dont get exhausted before bigger muscles like back and chest if i were to do all of chest in one day.

i did not post my actual routine as i change it every time slightly based on how i feel, trying to get all angles in as well as all kinds of rep ranges from heavy singles and doubles to sets of 12s or 15s as well as intensity techniques such as x reps drop sets etc


Well man Im not sure if you've heard the saying "You cant straddle two horses at once" but its basically saying stick to one think at a time.

Size and strength do go together and although I cannot really speak for them, alot of the coaches on here, I think, would agree that it would be better to focus on one goal at a time and give it 110% compared trying to do too many things at once.

Also strongmen like Mariusz and Jimmy Marku had to start somewhere. So go down and snatch a keg from the local pub and fill it with water, sand or whatever and voila now you've got a keg that you can toss around at the local park or in my case backyard! Im pretty sure there'd be some others on here who've got some ideas for easy stongman stuff to make if thats what you meant by resources.