Training Program Advice for Wife

Hi, just a quick question/advice please. My wife startled me the other day and said she wants to hit the gym with me. Now she hasn’t done anything like that since she was a teenager, and she is nearing 40. I have been following the ‘Best Damn…’ workout and I was thinking that she could try that, but for the first couple of months she would do just 3 sets of 10 and not try the final intensive exercise/set as set in the program.
Would that be a good starting program for her?

Whatever she enjoys is good for her. If she sticks with it, down the track she’ll figure out what works best just like everyone else does.

A pretty common trend I see with this kind of situation is that it works best when you look at it more as spending time together. Don’t try to be the coach or trainer, that rarely ends well.

If she wants to try the Best Damn…, awesome. If she wants to do something she found herself or was recommended by a friend, don’t try to explain why something else is better.

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MarkKO thanks for the advice… I’ll initially show her the proper techniques of how to do the exercises and then yeah just encourage her throughout her time with me at the gym. And if there are some exercises which she’s not comfortable with, then I’ll find something else to replace them.
Again, thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it.

Do you know what her specific goals are and why she wants to go to the gym?

Mainly to tone up, lose a bit of weight around the hips/ass/gut. Wants more shape to her arms and legs, and as she said it gives her more time with me, and we’re both away from our teenage boys! :slight_smile:

This is kinda worth repeating.

As for the details of the plan, anything is better than nothing, but instead of significantly modifying CT’s Best Damn Workout (dropping that last set is a huge difference-maker), I’d suggest checking these articles out for a starting point: 3 Steps to Getting Your Girl to Train (has several programs and tons of advice, from a female coach) and Redefining the Female Bodybuilder (advice from a female coach, explaining to women why lifting weights and building muscle is awesome).


Awesome, thanks Chris. Will definitely be checking those out.

Buy her a copy of Starting Strength, a copy of Practical Programming, and Rippetoe’s new one for Over 40 lifters. Have her learn the big compound lifts. Have her work on push ups, chin ups and pull ups.

Will do. I just want to make sure she enjoys her time and see’s the progress she wants and not get discouraged. I will always be supportive and motivate her as much as she needs.