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Training Problems After Donating Blood


I gave blood this last tuesday (double red blood cell), and not surprisingly the next day I felt like crap while doing a very light workout (pushups, situps and a two mile run). Three days later however I did a PT test, and in my two mile run I got light headed and felt like I had zero energy. I've never had trouble running two miles before. I've been eating a ton since donating blood and am hydrated.

Anybody had trouble with energy and recovery after giving blood? Or know how long it should take to start feeling like yourself again?


When I give blood the Red Cross said nothing strenous for about six or seven hours. I typically take off that day and the next day I don’t have any problems. If after a week you was still feeling this way I would go to the Dr.


i just did the same, except i was coming back from a layoff. it took me about two weeks to feel like i was normal again, which is about how long they told me it would take to regenerate the blood. i like to think that it just stressed my cardiovascular system more, and training was extra effective regardless of the number accomplished. but… i’m kind of a meathead.


I just gave blood today as well! My experience is that my max strength levels do not drop off but my ‘wind’ does. It comes back though after about one week.