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Training Prep for the Marines


I'm new to this forum and barley found out about this website, not too long ago. I am not new to lifting or else i shouldn't deserve to be here. Well i am 5'8 about 154lbs every morning. My maxes are as follows: BB Bench 280lbs, Squat 315lbs(beyond parallel), Power Cleans 225lbs (butt to calves). I traditionally only max out on what had too in football.

I hope that weighing in as much as i do, as well as dropping weight for wrestling and track (400 meters, earns at least a shot of some free advice from you guys. I just finished high school and looking to gain some serious, hard earned muscle, while maintaining my endurance. I need this for the Marines. Please help me out! Thanks


Tomorrow will be upper body and it goes like this: 10 min stretching, 100 jump ropes, *Hang Cleans 4-5,2-3, BB Bench (100's w/135), Pull ups/push ups 10-1, Military/ Bent over rows 10,8,6,4, Lat pull downs/ scaption 3-10, Power Shrugs/Neck 3-8, Biceps 21's, Dips 3-20.

After i get a VERY good stretch in and hit the outdoors for about a mile (fast pace) jog, then come in and get some abs in. Then get a quick core stretch in and go home and reflect on life and its troubles. Please tell me if this a worthy routine or should i modify it.


if you put up a video of your bench, i'll toss out some advice


Hmm, well it all depends, when are you going into the Marines? If your going in say, not for another year, I would just worry about getting your endurance for running up, whyll hitting the weight's to get some more mass on you. But, if your a few months away from joining, id say not to lift as much, as little as 2x a week, and have your training focused on bodyweight exercises (pullups, pushups dips and sit-ups) and some serious running (3 or 4 miles at a time). This is what I have gathered from various logs/articles on training for the Marines.


From being in the corps (for a brief time), While you don't need to, you should have a perfect PFT going in. The Marines isn't a lackluster force where doing the minimum is acceptable, but you seem to be in decent shape already so don't worry that much. But if you join with a perfect PFT, and learn enough about boot camp then you can pull LCpl coming out, its hard to do but attainable.

Anyway, 20 pullups, but don't just train to hit 20, hit 20, rest for a 30 seconds, then max out again, and again, and again. Seems repetitive, but this is what you will see in boot camp. Don't only focus on running long distances, the longest you will actually run in boot camp is 5 miles, and thats on one of the last couple days, but there is a LOT of short sprints, intense PT, then sprinting some more to go do it again.

Get your hands on a good set of boots, and run in them, because you'll be running a lot in those. Any other questions, I'm sure me or anyone else would be glad to answer.


wait a minute your doing power cleans butt to calves? wtf.


Yeah, I'd like to see videos too, specifically the â??powerclean, butt to calvesâ??. That doesnâ??t even make sense. Iâ??m assuming you are doing a full clean (squatclean) NOT a powerclean. In a powerclean you catch the weight essentially upright, there is no front squat portion. And by the way it is EASIER to squat clean a weight than it is to powerclean it, so bragging butt to calves for a clean doesnâ??t make sense.


On the power cleans, when i shrug up the weight i drop completely to where my butt touches my calves. I say this because most people, when they power clean, they tend open up their legs from their original stance. I read that by opening up the legs more they can seriously damage the knees. So i will try to post a video as soon as i can.


Also on my bench, i know its hard to believe but i will post this so you guys don't consider me a fake. Also DoubleDuce on the power cleans, if you can show me a good article or info. on the correct form of power cleans. I understood when you meant on the front squat portion, but for some reason the weight seems to go higher when i do what your saying. Maybe im wrong, so if you can show me the right way, i would really appreciate it.


He sounds like he already has enough raw strength to cut it in the marines. He's 154 and benching 280. You think he's going to have trouble doing high rep push-ups? Most of the kids I see go off to the marines don't have very impressive physiques. This guy has to have a good physique with numbers like that(not that they are particularly high, but he's 154!)


The videos will come soon. Please bear with me if my numbers are a little off. This is due to my rigorous long distance training. I am weighing in at approximately 150 now. To me that's pretty good for how much weight i can lift. When they are posted, please inform me on my technique that needs improvement and such.


Eat concertina wire and PT until you piss napalm and you'll be fine.



I wouldn't worry too much about adding mass, that shit ain't gonna help you in boot camp, if anything it may hurt you. Do calisthenics and run like a motherfucker because that is what you'll be doing in boot camp. The physical part of boot camp really isn't that bad, it sucks for sure, but as long as you are tough mentally and not a quitter you'll do well/be fine.

Give my regards to the quarter deck lol...

Semper Fi


If I was you, I would go over to EliteFTS and ask Matt Korczaleski the same exact question and see what he has to say. He was an elite marine and is a elite powerlifter. So I think he knows what he's doing.


What on earth is an "elite" Marine? No disrespect to my fellow devil dog, but Matt K was 8th and I and they're pretty boys hahaha.


Actually, he apparently WILL NOT answer any questions on this subject. I am in a similar situation as you and I have contacted him mulitple times with no reply.


When I asked Matt the same question at the Arnold this year, his answer came down to 1. More food and 2. Sucking it up through long runs that you know are planned.


all the size and muscle mass you gain now is just gonna go away in boot camp. you only eat 3 meals a day, and however big they are, you're not gonna keep the muscle mass on with the amount of protein you get. run, pull-ups, push-ups, crunches, shredders, leg lifts, dips, chin-ups.