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Training Post Surgery


I had surgery two weeks ago to remove a plate from my left arm. Long story short, pretty much no upper body training for 6-8 weeks minimum as the holes from the screws are still in my bone and need to heal. I risk a stress fracture if I do any pressing movements at all during that period.

That being said, I am cleared to squat heavy using my SSB.

Does anyone have a good squat only program I could use for the next 6-8 weeks where I squat 3X/week and fill in the other days with prowler work?

Thanks in advance.


Take it easy guy.
Healing and getting back to 100% is job #1.
Nothing wrong with doing what you can, but don’t loose the ‘long’ view.

V power, bones are mostly made of minerals, eat lots of fresh veggies to let your smart body select and use them as it sees fit. Be smart, stay away from overuse problems. I too need rest upper body so legs, abs, lower back are safe maybe a mix of cardio and gym, easy swimming,
All the best!