Training Post-Fat Fat

Id like to know what some of the others in the New Fat Fast Support Group are planning for their training after fat fast is over. Id also like the opinions of those of you who have already been there. My focus will be gaining mass for the next 12 weeks after fat fast and Im wondering which program I should use to do this - superstrength? limping? bring the pain? all of them? What do the rest of the T-maggers think, feedback from some of you who have had good results with mass gain training and maybe some tips would be very helpful. Im 20 years old, Ill be around 185 at 6 feet when I start mass gaining, Ill have 1.5 bottles anrosol, 2 bottles tribex, 1.5 bottles ZMA, lots of vitex, vitamins, fish oil caps, and plenty of healthy food to start the mass gain. Im not sure of my bodyfat % but id guess around 8-12% when I finish fat fast. In the last 3 months Ive lost 30+ pounds of fat (from 225 to 192 yesterday, along with some muscle) and Im looking to get big again - Ive been out of the gym for over a year and Id like to regain some lost muscle, with functional strength and looking good nekid being at the top of my list. Thanks for any tips guy and gals.

I guess I should also ask for some recommendations on what type of diet to addopt post fat fast as the whole diet issue has been getting lots of attention lately. With what eating strategy have others seen good results whn teamed up with a mass focused workout plan? Obviously lots of calories and protein etc but I`m looking for good experiences that others have had with specific diets from past t-mag articles - any suggestions would be great. Thanks guys.