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Training Plan V Style


Ok, even though I'm aiming more for strength gains than size I don't plan on ever entering a power lifting meet so I'll post this here as I do plan on gaining size (duh).

My goal is for the end of the summer, (end of OCT) Gain 20lbs of muscle, I'm starting at 195-200, I would like to see what 220 feels like. My lifting goals are Bench 250 ( I know weak but I have long arms and my bench has always sucked. Squat 350 and dead 450. Those will actually be the easy ones, I may adjust them up if I get close to them quickly.

I'll be doing a 5 week split. First 3 weeks will be progressive PL style. Basically following a 5,3,1 4th week I'll veer off course and do volume BB style.

start with say 8 reps on a movement and then drop 15 lbs and with very short rest get another 8 and just keep dropping the weight and gunning for 8 reps till I'm lifting air for 8 reps. Then I'll fully rest and do a different movement. Not sure how I'm going to structure it yet.

5th week will be a rest week where I just do like 50% on the PL lifts and maybe some cardio/plyo work, and mobility drills. Basically whatever I feel like while keeping it very light/easy.

Well that's the gist of it, I haven't really lifted consistently for a while so i'm sure there will be newbie gains abound no matter what I do.



Might as well throw my embarrasing numbers up. Monday 5/10/2010 did another light and easy squat workout to ease back in did 155 x8 for 5 sets. Yea, it felt light, I could have definately done more, but it's been a while and I wanted to focus on my balance and form. I feel like I am still leaning foward too much, so next week I'll probably only jump up to 200 and do something similar.

Also got a little twinge in my lower spine from sitting with horrible posture on my couch all weekend playing video games. Well what the hell it was a blizzard outside for most of saturday morning and it just ruined all my motivation to get up and do anything productive. It didn't hurt at all while squatting though, so it's no big deal.

Tonight I bench again, it's going to be sad, I might try to struggle with 135, my bench is weak and horrible. It will be my biggest challenge, getting it to 250 1RM.



Wed 5-12-10

Another newbie bench session.

95x10 warmup

I could have done more, but I did way less last week and my tri's were sore as hell for 4 days straight. I really feel pathetic with one wheel on the damn bar. but i'm in my garage so it doesn't really matter. Can't wait till I can put two wheels on again.



Deadlifts today after work. I did want to make two notes. My low back is still a little iffy, but it seems to be improving, I have to make sure I keep my ass low and my head and shoulders back and up. Also the back of my right shoulderblade is sore after my bench workout. It could be because of the bench I Use. I may have to invest in a new bench, or it's just that I was putting more stress on it than it's gotten in a very long time and it's letting me know. Funny, nothing with my left side though.

Also, some motivational info. When I flex my arms and legs, my skin is noticabley tighter, this is good. In just two weeks I have already started to grow again, oh and I caught two fucking pimples on my forehead this week. I haven't had a zit in years. Little test boost from the squats and deads? I hope so.



Ok, Friday skipped DL workout, skipped it saturday also. Lower back still very tweaked. Sunday it felt better so I went at it a little. Focused on keeping my ass down and my head up.

185 x 8
235 x 4
235 x 4
235 x 1

The last one I started to feel a strange pulling sensation right where my lower back was hurting. I stopped and figured I had better give it a rest so I didn't actually injure myself. Now a day later, my back actually feels better than it did previously? Strange, did I stretch something out or release a muscle knot or something. I can still feel tenderness in the area, but it is definately improved.

Volleyball tonight and then back to squats on tuesday.



I'll throw my volleyball game in as a workout because well it felt like a workout. The sand is soft and deep and I was amazed at how fast I gassed out. Now I play like a gym class hero, I dive for every ball even if I have a 1 in 100 chance of making a save. Yesterday first game felt ok but obviously the sand was a newish experience for me. Got a couple nice kills but towards the end of the game my legs and chest were talking to me.

Second game I was straight sucking wind and I was jumping half the time and half as high, I started employing the roll shot heavily. Third game I wasn't jumping at the net for blocks, I'd just get back and try to get a dig out of it. Running down stray passes was a major chore and I probably let a few get away that I normally would have easily made a play on.

Ok so, what does all this mean? Well my legs are tight today but not sore, so. I'm thinking my major malfunction is cardio. Bottom line is I need to start doing hill sprints THIS WEEK!


Edit: By cheast I meant Heart and lungs, not pectorals. :slight_smile:


Well it's been almost 2 weeks (11 days) since my last workout. I did something to my shoulder which caused pain, like a strain when I pushed off with it. I'd also like to add in that i was a bit lazy during this time, we got great weather and I was outside doing stuff. I mean I really doubt benching would have been a good idea, but I could have done something. On the bright side. My second week of volleyball was a LOT easier to deal with than the first. I haven't gotten up to my hill yet so I may just try and get some medicine ball burpees sets in to crush my cardio system. I think I'll do a burpee workout after work today and then one more on saturday, then I'll get back into my routine on Tues.