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Training Plan Recommendation for Fat Loss?

Hello everyone.

My basic info:
-23 years old male

  • 76 kg weight
  • 168 cm height
  • goal : Fat loss

From yesterday i started with carb cycling diet with this pattern
200-125-50-150-100-50-50 (grams of carbs)

Because of university schedule , i can only train 3 times a week.
So, can you give me recommendation of training program? Should i do full body, PPL or ?

This is only question for now. If you need any information for me, feel free to ask.


Have you been training lately? Like, have you been lifting and you got a little chubby, or have you not been doing much training?

Have you done much training in the past? Have you already used a full body or PPL scheme in the past? Are you comfortable with barbells and compound lifts or do you want to stick to dumbbells, machines and less hardcore stuff?

1.Have you been training lately? - Yes, since January, after new year.

  1. Like, have you been lifting and you got a little chubby, or have you not been doing much training? - One year ago i was little more chubby, i was 91 kg. But in summer 2018 i started training more often like doing cardio on empty, start eat clean and from June 2018 (91kg), Now (~76 kg).

3.Have you done much training in the past?- Yes. I started gym from high school but back then i just trained without proper nutrition… so now i look like ive never touched a dumbbell.

  1. About Full body / PPL scheme… Yes i’ve trained in past some of these schemes. The problem is, i have never been enough time on any of this program to see what work for me. Why is that? Because i would choose some hard training program for me and after a week i burn out.

  2. About barbell compound lifts… Yes ive learned how to do DL, SQ, OHP, BP but, now in the current gym i can’t really do SQ because there is no Squat rack, only Smith machine, so im doing squats and OHP there :frowning: . Im familiar and comfortable with compound lifts, dumbbells and machines (those which my gym have).

We’ll done on that man. That’s very VERY impressive.

Thanks bro.
But my plan in last summer was suicide.
I just eat really really low, and only i do was train train train!

Anyone? Anything?

You go to the gym and lift but burn out and quit after a week?

This is a bummer, man. It’s a… it’s a bummer.

Generic dude seeks generic program. Blah! Give us something that makes you stand out!

Do you have a kettlebell? Maybe try this;

No man… You are wrong.
I go to gym and if i start with some hard training program (as i usually do), i burn out and I MOVE ON ANOTHER PROGRAM (not quite).

So i need good 3-times-a-week program to follow.

3 days, full body. Short rests. You’ll need to figure out a substitute for squat. Everything planned/listed.

More athletic. A bunch of running and jumping besides lifting. A template to plug lifts you like into.

Old school Gironda 8 x 8 guidelines. Fast workouts, short rests, lots of reps. Ideas to use to make your own program.

Gironda 8 x 8 principles video.

Lift + Run! Super simple but super hard. I never had the balls to do this.

You need to take some lessons from @isdatnutty . He’s the ultimate program hopper, but he continues to get ridiculously stronger and more athletic because he adheres to the basic principles over time - Work hard, use effective movements, and be consistent.

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Yeah guys, I think you can get to a 400 squat/dl, 300 bench, 200 press with just not missing days in the gym, busting your ass in there, and eating very well.

But I’m the last person to ask about fat loss haha.

Yeah, but if you train yourself hard enough to hit those numbers and eat well, you can’t help but get leaner. Any effective training methodology coupled with a good diet is a good weight loss training plan. I’ve lost 16 lb in the past 2 1/2 months doing 5/3/1 with some conditioning, and I’ve never seen 5/3/1 touted as a weight loss program.

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For sure man! My fat loss has been a direct result of some decent numbers coupled with eating really well. Funny how in the last 3 years I’ve actually gained weight while really leaning out lol.

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