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Training Plan on Cycle


Hey fellas (and ladies),
i just started a cycle of prohormone 1-ad (oral), 4-ad(spray), MD2, and PCT nolva. i also purchased some AI to use-planning on using during cycle. anyway, my question is-
I am using Westside For Skinny Bastards as my training plan, with an added repetition leg day (possibly use sled like DeFranco recommends). anyway, i am wondering if this is a good plan for optimal results. its 4 days of lifting so i schedule up some cardio on off days and maybe some additional light training. should i add some more or be more frequent with my training. its 2 upper/2 lower. i know it works well for natural people so im wondering if it not enough for me. any help would be great... thanks
btw-im 6'2 200lbs with about 14% bf. i eat plenty so that isnt an issue im just tryin to find a good plan. thanks


What's your goal?


mainly strength, bc w/ it will come the amoutn of size i am looking for. i have been working with a powerlifting style so increasing my numbers is really my first concern. but i also find that i do want to grow. im not worried bout fat, i wouldnt like it, but obviously i cant avoid it, so i dont really care. if there is anything else you all need to know to give a good idea let me know. like i said... i just started the WSFSB, so i think it might be good... but im wondering if modding it some more or just gettin a new program all together would be better.


The best results I have had are from Power Bodybuilding style programs, WS, 5X5, 3X3, Max effort, maximal weights. PL lifters have wonderful physiques except most of its buried under lard. With the strength comes the size if you eat properly. Good luck.


thats what i was figuring, PL are huge, but have a gut to boot. I have tried WS, but now am tryin WSFSB by DeFranco which replaces DE with repetition- which can help cause hypertrophy. but on his program he is just doin chest exercises as repetition work. i plan on switchin to shoulder work too, and lats. i thank you for your thoughts... does anyone have ideas regarding frequency of workouts. right now if you all look at WSFSB i am following it to the T, except added a rep leg day... let me know what you think www.defrancotraining.com
again... lookign for training frequency


Here is the last 5X5 program I did, all with max weights on every lift, if I hit 5 for 5, I bumped 5 or 10 depending on the lift...I was running 800 MG of Prop and 60 MG Var. The leg day doesn't look like much, but it kicked my ass...

A1: Standing BB Curls
A2: Parallel Bar Dips
B1: Scott Reverse Curls
B2: Lying EZ Bar Triceps Extensions

Max Effort Box Squat/w average bands
Leg Press
BB Lunges
Leg Ext

ME Bench w/ Chains
DB Incline Bench
Standing MPress
Pec Dec

Bent Rows
Reverse Hypers
Seated Rows


so your workout day would just constitute 1 muscle group? and you are doin a day of 1 bicep and 1 tricep that you alternate? i am a little confused on that. i assume it would work but to me that doesnt seem like enough frequency.. maybe i just dont understand how you have it set up...


Here is how it was set up....

The arm day included 2 sets of 2 super sets bi/tri, hence the designation of A1 and A2, B1 and B2. Each was ran 5 sets of 5 or a total of 25 reps. I had 4 movements total for arms. That means 100 total reps for the bi/tri session.

The other movements were not supersets just straight 5 X 5 for legs, back and chest done in a linear fashion or one after the other, 4 movements per body part, 100 total reps each session.

Remeber these were all max weights, at 80 to 85 % of 1RM. Give it try and let me know what you think. Hope that helps?


what about the WSFSB setup with an added leg rep day (to get bigger legs) and an extra day of "beach" muscles only b/c the dude that got me on to the prohormones is into that kind of stuff and i am the one settin up workouts. i was thinkin add the leg day and another day of bi/tri/shoulder or something. i should recover pretty quick from my workouts cuz of prohormones right?


if that question is to me, I can't answer how you would respond, the PH would help. I was doing 800 MG of Prop a week and 60 MG of VAR a day. However, I am over 40 years old. I did the w/o every other day and would take 2 days off after i finished 4 sessions.

WS calls for a Max effort working up to 90 to 100% on leg day and DE leg day at 60 %. The DE day is for speed. I am not a competitve PL, and I lift just to keep looking good at my age.